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Book Review: To Capture His Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

To Capture His Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

Book Description:

Seaside, England, 1886

Eva Caldwell is an accomplished and well-known photographer who often works with the local constabulary to assist in documenting crime scenes, which means she also often works alongside the handsome and charming detective, Nathan Winston. She appreciates his intellect and how he treats her like an equal, but Eva's heart is still healing from a past relationship, so, for now, she decides to keep her feelings for Nathan a secret.

One evening, Nathan arrives on her doorstep asking for a personal favor. Would Eva be available to photograph his mother's legendary, week-long dinner party and matchmaking event? The catch is that Eva would also have to pretend they are courting in order for Nathan to avoid the many single women seeking his attention.

Though wary of the charade, Eva agrees. Spending a week with the two things she loves most--her detective and her camera--sounds simple enough. And if she wants to imagine that Nathan's pretend courtship of her is real, well, what's the harm in that?

But when a criminal from Nathan's past threatens revenge on the detective, Nathan must be extra vigilant to keep his mother and the rest of the partygoers safe. He confides in Eva, and as the two work together to solve the mystery and apprehend the criminal, they find that they might capture more than they expected--each other's heart. 

Rorie's Review:

You know those stories that you can just get lost in and can sit and read for hours and hours, not wanting to stop for those pesky real life things that you have to do? Well, this is one of those books. For some reason, I've always gotten a kick out of the "pretending to be in love" trope, but usually the characters don't actually like each other when they start the charade. That Eva and Nathan both secretly liked each other already was a fun twist to the story.

I enjoy a good romance, but definitely appreciate some mystery and suspense thrown in to keep things exciting. This author melds both storylines together masterfully. This is the kind of story that I don't want to end and wish there was more of it. Hopefully Charlotte will be getting her own story soon, so we don't have to leave this world behind for too long.

Andrea's Review:

To Capture His Heart is another great addition to the Proper Romance Series from Shadow Mountain. Allen has created a great group of characters, and it was fun to have the focus on Eva this time. She and Nathan "pretending" to like each other made for an entertaining story, and the mystery kept me on my toes. All of the characters were well-developed, and I couldn't help but be interested in what happened to them. It was a very fast read, and one I can see myself reading again. 

About the Author:

NANCY CAMPBELL ALLEN is the award-winning author of nineteen published novels and several novellas, which encompass a variety of genres, ranging from contemporary romantic suspense to historical fiction. Her most recent books, which include Regency, Victorian, and steampunk romance, are published under Shadow Mountain’s Proper Romance brand, and the What Happens in Venice novella series is part of the Timeless Romance Anthology collection published by Mirror Press. She has presented at numerous conferences and events since her initial publication in 1999.

Her agent is Pamela Pho of D4EO Literary Agency.

Nancy loves to read, write, travel, and research, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She nurtures a current obsession for true crime podcasts and is a news junkie. She and her husband have three children, and she lives in Ogden, Utah, with her family, one very large Siberian Husky named Thor and an obnoxious but endearing Yorkie-poo named Freya.

Title: To Capture His Heart
Author: Nancy Campbell Allen
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: October 2022 
ISBN: 1639930515
Source: We received copies from the publisher. All opinions expressed are our own.

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