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Spotlight: Twelve Stones to Remember Him by Teresa Hirst

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Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis

Book Description:

The Lord commanded the children of Israel to mark their miraculous crossing of the Jordan River with a memorial of twelve stones. Modern prophets encourage us to remember God s hand, even as we come upon life’s challenges. With the economic upheavals of the last several years, many Latter-day Saints have faced financial setbacks such as unemployment, reduced income, or the loss of a home.

This book contains true stories of individuals and families who’ve crossed financial crises with faith. From their journeys, you will learn to witness the power of God in your life. More fully trust in Him, even in uncertain times. Build spiritual memorials to cope with trials. Leave a legacy of love greater than money.

Guest Post from Author Teresa Hirst:

My husband discovered my hidden love note slipped between two folders in his bag while riding a train 1000 miles from home. His coworker captured a photo of my penned message written across the front of the envelope, “Do not open until February 14.”

I shared that same warmth of discovery in a homemade card he left for me on another day of love when we were apart. Without any extra money for even a purchased one, his heartfelt remembrance became a treasure to me.

Expensive, elaborate celebrations, or even proximity to each other didn’t bring that feeling. Simply being remembered did. Love springs into and from our heart. But recalling memories—of love given and received—can spark our minds to know and then feel love.

During a challenging time of financial crisis in our family, the simple yet abundant manifestations of God’s love nurtured and sustained me. Recognizing, receiving, and recalling these evidences of God’s love helped me remember that He loved me, even with bleak physical circumstances.

“It was very funny that in the midst of all of this, we felt so much . . . gratitude,” Emalee shares from her own trial in Twelve Stones to Remember Him. “My heart was overflowing to the point of tears at how loved I felt and how blessed I felt and all the things I could see. I know because I prayed to be able to see. I felt almost like my eyes and my heart were opened to things that nobody else saw.”

This pattern to remember divine love in the very moment of loneliness, sickness, sorrow, or anxiety is not a shallow response to real challenges. It takes time and practice to trust in gifts that are intangible, answers that won’t go viral, or peace that seems imperceptible.

Even still, remembering God’s love invites gratitude and humility into minds and hearts. Increased faith motivates us to remember others and express love. And those become the notes of true love we all want to hold close.

About the Author:

Teresa Hirst grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, studied journalism at Brigham Young University and graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. She has worked for a newspaper, in public relations, and as a freelance writer and editor.

Today, Teresa observes and tells insightful stories—both nonfiction and fiction—that characterize our emotional experience with life. She lives in Minnesota with her family and loves cooking, sentimental movies, and Sunday afternoon walks. To learn more, Like her author page on Facebook
 or visit .

Book Signing Event:

Meet Teresa in person on your lunch break on Friday, February 28, at noon at Eborn Books in Salt Lake City at 254 S Main St.

Title: Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis
Author: Teresa Hirst
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press
Published: January 2014
ISBN: 978-1-59992-898-2

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