Monday, November 7, 2022

Blog Tour: Come, Gentle Night by Stephanie Black

Book Description:

After her entanglement in several homicide investigations, psychologist Natalie Marsh is determined to avoid further trouble. But when her intern needs help monitoring and calming family drama for the duration of a party, Natalie steps up. After all, acting as a peacemaker at a fundraising gala seems relatively risk-free in comparison to her past escapades―what could happen at a dance? When an argument between feuding guests becomes assault, Natalie realizes the situation is more complicated than she anticipated, with one man at the center of it all: Rowan Montrose.

Four years ago, Rowan’s brother was convicted of murdering his wife. But Rowan believes there’s more to the story, suspecting that the real murderer is walking free. His romantic interest in the younger sister of a police detective renders him more determined than ever to clear the family name. Familiar with Natalie’s reputation, he seeks out her assistance. Natalie tries to decline―she’s no private detective―but as frightening incidents unfold, it’s clear she’s in the middle of this whether she wants to be or not, and breaking through the layers of deception that hide the truth may have lethal consequences.

I had to laugh at just how much Natalie and Gideon just did NOT want to be a part of this story. They did their best (well, sort of) to avoid it, but I don't think they actually know how to avoid these issues. Especially Natalie. :) While they might not have been thrilled to get sucked in to yet another kerfluffle, I was quite happy to see them there. They both make for a good story - probably more so with their reluctance.
I am not a Shakespeare fan at all, not even a little tiny bit, so I didn't notice that this was a slight retelling of Romeo and Juliet until it was pointed out to me. Afterwards, I did notice some similarities, but not really all that many, because I'm pretty sure I slept through the Shakespeare unit in school. Either that, or I just didn't understand any of what I read, which is probably most likely.
Super-confusing ancient authors aside, I highly recommend this book. And this series. And this author. 
Title: Come, Gentle Night
Author: Stephanie Black
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: November 2022 
ISBN: 1524420492
Source: We received an e-copy from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.
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