Monday, August 29, 2016

Blog Tour: Undercover Target by Frank

Book Description:

When Matt Knight left his career as a spy to marry the woman of his dreams, he thought he was in for a life of domestic bliss. But after adopting a baby girl and her teenage brother from China, he finds that being a father comes with its own set of challenges—problems that his work as an antiterrorism agent did nothing to prepare him for. Or so he thought. When a Scout campout with his son takes a terrifying turn, Matt realizes his past and present have just collided, with devastating consequences. Deep in the rugged mountains of Utah, a band of mercenaries lies in wait. The target: Matt Knight. Their orders come from a dangerous enemy from the former agent’s past, one who is bent on destroying everything Matt holds dear. While struggling to protect his son and the other Scouts, Matt is horrified to learn the full extent of the plan: his wife and baby have been taken too. Now the agent-turned-family man must draw on his years of combat training in an explosive battle to save those he loves—or die trying.

Rorie's Review:

I was kind of put off by Matt, the main character, for the first few chapters of this book. He just seemed so...disconnected from his life. Didn't know what to do with his son, didn't know what to do with his Sunday School class, it kind of seemed like he was walking around in a fog all the time. But once the action started, Matt's true colors shone through, and he became a much more likeable character.

It kind of seemed like this was a sequel, even though nothing about the book description gives you a hint about that. After looking it up, I found that there is another book, "Undercover Saint" that came first. This book does stand alone well on its own, but there were several times in the story where I felt like I was missing some backstory. I have been wanting to read "Undercover Saint" anyway, so now this is a good excuse to go and do it so I can find out why Matt is the way he is.

I really, really like how the relationship between Matt and Peng develops. It's amazing what a little communication can do for people. This is an enjoyable story and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Tarah's Review:

This book was not what I was expecting at all, and it was actually a breath of fresh air that it wasn't :) The main character, Matt, really doesn't fit what I typically think of as an undercover spy, but I found his personality and struggles refreshing. I liked that there was some family struggles, that everything wasn't perfect after the adoption. I liked that he kept trying. I didn't like all his decisions, but I did love his humor.  If the author was trying to write a suspense novel that was all serious and...suspensy (it's totally a word...ask my 9 year old) then he didn't do it. But if he was trying to write a suspense novel that had humor and was a fast read, then yes, he nailed it. Sure, if you really think about it somethings totally didn't seem believable, but I was so caught up in the entertainment value of it that I didn't care about that at all.

And as weird as it is to write this, I actually really liked that it wasn't a romance novel. Looks like I need to start expanding my genres again :) 

Book Tour:

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Undercover Target  
Title: Undercover Target
Author: Frank Holdaway
Publisher: Covenant
Published: August 2016
Source: We received a copy from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews.