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Book Blast: Son of War, Daughter of Chaos by Janette Rallison

Son of War

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos

Aislynn is accustomed to watching for the enemy. Her parents instructed her from the time she was young to look for the signs: people with greater than normal strength, eyes that can glow green, and have the ability to jump long distances. Over the years, Aislynn has come to view her parents’ fears as quirks—things that get in the way of having a normal high school life. When Aislynn’s mother dies under suspicious conditions, her father doubles his restrictions. But all his precautions can’t stop the boy with glowing green eyes from finding Aislynn. She realizes too late she’s been drafted into an ancient Egyptian war, whether she’s prepared or not.  

Son of War Daughter of Chaos Blog Tour 

Janette RallisonAuthor Janette Rallison Janette Rallison is old. Don’t ask how old, because it isn’t polite. Let’s just say she’s older than she’d like to be and leave it at that. Janette lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, five children and enough cats to classify her as “an eccentric cat lady.” She did not do this on purpose. (The cats, that is; she had the children on purpose.) Every single one of the felines showed up on its own and refuses to leave. Not even the family’s fearless little Westie dog can drive them off. Since Janette has five children and deadlines to write books, she doesn’t have much time left over for hobbies. But since this is the internet and you can’t actually check up to see if anything on this site is true, let’s just say she enjoys dancing, scuba diving, horse back riding and long talks with Orlando Bloom. (Well, I never said he answers back.)

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Box Set CD Review: Missionary Collection by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir


For the first time ever, this collection brings together four top-selling albums sure to provide inspiration to hasten the work. Featuring Called to Serve, Praise to the Man, Teach Me to Walk in the Light, and This Is the Christ, this four-disc set is the perfect gift for missionaries at home and abroad.
The Morning Breaks
Praise to the Man
Joseph Smith's First Prayer
Now We'll Sing with One Accord
This is My Beloved Son
I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly
An Angel from on High
On a Golden Springtime
Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet
Called to Serve
Redeemer of Israel
I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go
How Firm a Foundation
I Am a Child of God
I Believe in Christ
I'm Trying to Be like Jesus
Ye Elders of Israel
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
High on the Mountain Top
He Sent His Son
Come, Come, Ye Saints
This Is the Christ
God Be with You Til We Meet Again
The Spirit of God
I Think the World Is Glorious
"Give," Said the Little Stream
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
Teach Me to Walk in the Light
I Will Follow God's Plan
Mother, Tell Me the Story
Called to Serve
Love One Another
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
I Know That My Savior Loves Me
Holding Hands around the World
When He Comes Again
I Am a Child of God
This Is the Christ
The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
Come unto Him
Sunshine in My Soul
Where Can I Turn for Peace?
God So Loved the World
Our Savior's Love
O, Divine Redeemer
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee
Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee
Softly and Tenderly
Beautiful Savior
I Believe in Christ

Rorie's Review:

My sister gave me these CD's and I thought they would be perfect to listen to on the long drive home. I put in "Teach Me to Walk in the Light," thinking my kids would enjoy hearing songs that they know. Sadly, my kids were not in the mood to listen to music, so they complained the whole time it was on. Also, the CD seemed to be really quiet in my car - not sure if it's my sound system or what, but even after turning it up a lot, I still struggled to hear it.

I gave the CD's another try this past Sunday morning before church with much more success. We were able to listen to all 4 of them and the songs helped keep the Sabbath spirit in our home. 

My favorite CD is probably "Called to Serve" because I tend to gravitate towards the more upbeat songs, but all of the songs were enjoyable. I look forward to listening to these CD's many more times.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cookbook Review: One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup by Christina Dymock

One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup by Christina Dymock

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Book Description:

One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup is a cookbook with a twist. Another fabulous frolic into the world of food by author Christina Dymock, One Dirty Bowl was designed to appeal to time-strapped dessert lovers (and isn't that almost all of us?) One Dirty Bowl features over 70 delightful, time-saving recipes that can be created with just one bowl. Desserts such as: Chocolate Cake to the Third Power-a three layer/three flavor cake, Cheesecake Sundaes, Turtle Bites, Inside-Out Pumpkin Smore Cupcakes, and Peanut Butter Truffle Bars can be whipped up to perfection in just minutes. Yum!

Baking doesn't have to take all day or make a mess in the kitchen. With One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup, you'll have the recipes and easy-to-follow instructions to help you make show-stopping from-scratch desserts in no time. All you need is a little time and one bowl! And, since you'll only have one bowl to clean, you'll use these recipes over and over again.

Rorie's Review:

I always love to try new dessert recipes, especially if they're easy. My kids and I have tried 4 recipes from this book so far and all of them have been easy and yummy. The No Bake Peanut Butter Bars were easily the favorite - we've made them two times already. Part of the reason why I don't like cooking is due to the clean up afterward, so I was very happy that these recipes did only dirty one bowl, as promised. 

About the Author:

Christina Dymock graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in public relations. She has been published in Woman's World Magazine and in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She is also the author of101 Things to Do with PopcornYoung Chefs: Cooking Skills & Recipes for Kids, and The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook. She resides in central Utah with her husband and four children.You can follow their cooking adventures at:

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Blog Tour: Diamond Rings are Deadly Things by Rachelle J. Christensen

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things by Rachelle J. Christensen

Book Description:

Adrielle Pyper knows how to plan a wedding, and she is especially good at pleasing bridezillas. But when her biggest client and best friend is murdered just three days before the wedding, Adri's world falls apart. She moves to the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho, and starts from scratch. Thanks to Adri's impeccable taste and unique style, she lands two celebrity clients, and her business seems headed for success--that is, until someone vandalizes the specialty wedding dresses she imported from overseas. The race is to uncover a secret hidden within the yards of satin and lace before Adri becomes the next victim. With a delightful blend of mystery, toe-curling kisses, humor, and spine-tingling thrills. Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is a romantic suspense novel that will keep you turning pages long into the night.


I started following Rachelle a few years ago, and when I heard she had a new romantic suspense novel coming out, I was excited to read it. The title caught my attention, and the setting is one I've visited-two aspects that always make a novel that much more enjoyable for me.

I'm not particularly crafty and found myself a bit impatient for the resolution of the mystery during some parts focused on crafts, but I think those aspects of the book (including the tips from Rachelle's real website) will appeal to a lot of people (the promotion of her site was a little odd to me, but the tips are a great fit for the crafty aspects of the story).

Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things is a good mystery that kept me guessing. Was it the jewelry store owner? The delivery man? I suspected quite a few of the characters, and appreciated the twists.

If you are looking for a clean, romantic suspense novel, be sure to check out Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things.

About the Author:

Rachelle J. Christensen was born and raised in a small farming town in Idaho not far from the setting of her mystery Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things. She graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a degree in psychology. She enjoys singing and songwriting, playing the piano, running, motivational speaking and of course reading. Rachelle has an amazing husband, five cute kids, three cats and five chickens.

Title: Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things
Author: Rachelle J. Christensen
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: July 2014
ISBN: 1609078616
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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Book Blast: The Husband Maker by Karey White

The Husband Maker by Karey White

The Husband Maker by Karey White 

Book Description:

Charlotte’s a girl with nicknames. She may not love being called Charles or Chuck, but the hardest nickname to take is the one she was given in college, the one that’s followed her now for too many years. They call her “the husband maker” and sadly, it fits. Every guy she’s dated since high school has become his next girlfriend’s husband. Not hers. Not three girlfriends down the road. The next. Is she doing something wrong or is she just cursed? When Kyle Aldsworth enters the picture and sweeps her off her feet, Charlotte begins to hope that maybe she's not destined to be single forever. A senator’s son with political aspirations of his own, Kyle's wealthy, handsome, and in need of a wife. Will Charlotte be disappointed yet again, or will she finally be able to make a husband for herself?

Get your copy of The Husband Maker for just $3.99!


I’d always heard the view from Top of the Mark was exceptional. When San Francisco Life listed the top ten places to view the skyline at night, Top of the Mark was ranked number three, so when the invitation to Harrison’s wedding arrived, I finally had an excuse to take in the view for myself.
Stupid, stupid me. I should have taken a cab up the steep hills to 999 California Street, hopped on the elevator to the nineteenth floor, and looked out the windows. I could have come with or without makeup, and I could have worn jeans and a t-shirt. If I’d brought Mia or Aleena with me, we could have had a nice dinner or dessert. If I’d brought Angus, we could have had both. Since Top of the Mark was built at the crest of Nob Hill, I could have snapped a jaw-dropping photo or two with my iPhone and made the sparkling skyline my screen saver.

But no. I had to come see it on the night my old boyfriend was marrying a 49ers cheerleader named Nicki, who’d had more remodeling than an episode of Property Brothers. She looked like a Who’s Who of Hollywood parts—Scarlett’s nose, Angelina’s lips, and Kim’s cheekbones. Her bias-cut dress clung to her other (ahem) purchased body parts and made me feel very un-girly in comparison.
“Nicki, this is Charlotte.” Harrison looked me level in the eye, and for the first time all evening, I felt an inch of relief that things hadn’t worked out between us. Five-eleven is pretty average for a guy, and Harrison towered over Nicki, even in her stilettos. But the only way he’d ever have been able to look down at me the way he’d looked down at Nicki when they’d exchanged their vows was if he’d stood on a stool. I know it’s not important, and it makes me sound completely shallow, but I read a romance once where the leading man “gazed down at his true love with tender eyes.” Someday, I’d like a guy to gaze down at me with tender eyes. And I’d rather not have to be standing in a hole for that to happen.

“It’s fabulous to finally meet you.” Nicki’s voice was chirpy, and her lips didn’t move quite right. “I want to thank you for breaking his heart”—she puckered up and baby-talked—“so I could put it back together.” She pulled him down by his tuxedo lapel to kiss his cheek, then wiped the red smear away with her acrylic-nailed thumb.

Well, this was awkward. And I wasn’t the only one feeling it. Harrison’s eyes begged me not to set the record straight.

You see, Harrison had broken up with me. “I’m not ready for the whole settling down with one woman thing,” he’d said four short months ago. “You’re ready to get married, and I won’t be ready for that scene for years.”

Maybe he’d meant dog years.

“Congratulations, you two. You make a much better couple than we ever did,” I said, although it stung to admit it.

“Did Will come? I saw Angus a little while ago,” Harrison said. Will is my twin brother. No, his name is not Wilbur, although we’ve been asked if our parents had a thing for Charlotte’s Web more times than I can count. His name is William, and he’s the reason I ended up dating Harrison in the first place.

Our families lived on the same street in Fairfield, but I barely remembered Harrison, who was two years older than us. Nearly a year ago, Will and Harrison had been at the same concert, and Harrison had asked Will if his little sister was still available. Will wasn’t sure if he meant me or McKayla, but since McKayla was already married, he gave Harrison my number. On our first date, Harrison admitted he hadn’t been asking about me, but he was decent enough to say he was glad for the mix-up. And the rest is history.

A short and tragic history, but history nonetheless.

“Will and his wife are in D.C. right now interviewing.” I stepped on my tiptoes and scanned the room over the groom’s head. “I didn’t know Angus was here.”

“I talked to him earlier, but he might have left already,” Harrison said.


I nearly knocked over a waiter as I jumped away from Nicki’s scream. “Look, Kitten. It’s Baxter Kensington. I didn’t think he’d actually come.”

Kitten? Did she really call him that? Harrison’s red face confirmed that yes, she had. “He plays for the 49ers,” he explained, and I nodded.

“I’d better go and make room for the celebrities,” I said, and Harrison grinned. He’d always appreciated my sarcasm, and his cute grin jabbed at my not-quite-healed heart.

“Thanks for coming.” He pulled me into a hug while his bride arranged her dress to best flatter her cleavage and patted the sides of her platinum fauxhawk. “Are things good with us?” he said quietly in my ear.

I pulled away. “Oh sure.”

“I was worried—”

“Nothing to worry about. Go. Be happy.”

“Thanks, Charlotte.”

I turned away, my eyes stinging, and nearly barreled into one of the most stunning specimens of athleticism I’d ever seen. His pale yellow shirt and silvery gray suit contrasted beautifully with his dark skin. No wonder the bride was swooning about someone other than the groom. Poor Harrison looked like a little boy in comparison.

Ah, one of the hazards of marrying a cheerleader.

Through slightly blurred vision, I saw Harrison put his arm around Nicki. Not too long ago, I’d thought that would be me, though the venue and guest list would have been drastically different.

Husband Maker Tour

About the Author:

Karey WhiteKarey White grew up in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Missouri. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University. Her first novel, Gifted, was a Whitney Award Finalist. She loves to travel, read, bake treats, and spend time with family and friends. She and her husband are the parents of four great children. She teaches summer creative writing courses to young people and is currently working on her next book.

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Blog Tour: Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Learning


Research shows that kids can suffer from Summer Memory Loss and lose up to 30% of reading and math skills while away from school during the summer. Physical exercise and play improves circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the nervous system which results in children thinking more clearly and performing better physically and academically.

Summer Fit workbooks provide parents and kids with a balanced and active approach to summer learning. Each workbook (PreK-5th Grade) includes exercises and activities that reinforce the academic, physical and social aspects of learning to prepare kids for the new school year ahead.

Rorie's Review:

My kids have been using these books since the beginning of summer. They really like that each day's lesson is short and relatively easy to complete. I like that they can finish the lessons quickly but that they still learn how to do new things. My 8-year-old is using the Third to Fourth Grade book and it seems to be just right for where he is at academically. My 6-year-old is using the First to Second Grade book, instead of the K to First Grade because that one seemed like it would be way too easy for him. My kids haven't been very interested in doing the fitness section and I haven't been good at working on the values section with them, although I do think that both are a very good thing to include in the books.

Andrea's Review:

I have been pretty concerned about my kids regressing academically over the summer, so when I heard about Summer Fit Learning I was really excited to have my kids include this program with their summer routine.

The books arrived a few days before we went out of town, so we haven't had a chance to really dig into the full program yet. But, I was really impressed with the workbooks and the variety they include. My ten-year-old dug right in to the worksheets. She didn't know everything right off, but I was happy for the challenge some problems gave her. (And, I appreciated the answer key in the back.) My seven-year-old wasn't as excited about the workbook, but once he and I started he seemed to enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to starting the full program with my kids, and definitely like the idea of getting these again next year so we can start using them right when summer break starts.

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Book Review: Truth Be Told by Carol Cox

Truth Be Told

Book Description:

When Amelia Wagner takes over the running of her father's newspaper in Granite Springs, Arizona, she vows to carry on the paper's commitment to reporting only the truth. But Amelia soon learns that even the truth can have consequences. Her father's revealing articles about Great Western Investment
Company's business methods have caught the notice of the wrong person, and pressure mounts for Amelia to retract her father's statements.

Determined to find the truth, Amelia goes through her father's notes and begins to interview members of the community. She can't seem to shake Benjamin Stone, a Great Western employee who's been assigned to keep tabs on her for the good of the company.

The more Ben and Amelia learn, the more Amelia's father's claims appear to be accurate. In fact, it's probably worse than he realized. Even Ben is beginning to wonder if he's become a pawn in the workings of a corrupt empire. But Great Western isn't about to stand for a female reporter and one of their own men bringing down their lucrative schemes. Working against time, and never knowing what danger lurks around the next corner, Ben and Amelia set out to reveal all they've discovered before Great Western silences them for good.

Book Review: 

I've only read one other book by Carol Cox, and I thought it was well done. I was excited to give this one a try, although I'm hesitant about newspaper stories.

While Amelia isn't my favorite heroine ever, she isn't the worst either. She's so determined to find this story that she doesn't treat those around her very nicely. I would not have been as patient with her as Homer was.

Ben is a great male lead. I would have enjoyed getting to know more about his relationship with his family back East though. Especially at the end.

The almost kisses in the book were my favorite part, and I loved that none of them actually happened.

I enjoyed this clean read, and will definitely look for more from this author in the future.

Truth Be Told 

Title: Truth Be Told
Author: Carol Cox
Publisher: Bethany House
Published: June 2014
Source: I received an eCopy from NetGalley in exchange for a review.