Thursday, July 11, 2019

Book Review: Sweet on You by Becky Wade

Sweet on You (A Bradford Sisters Romance, #3)
Book Description:

Britt and Zander have been best friends since they met thirteen years ago, but unbeknownst to Britt, Zander has been in love with her for just as long. When Zander's uncle dies of mysterious causes, he returns to Washington to investigate. As they work together to uncover his uncles tangled past, will the truth of what lies between them also come to light?

Book Review:

I love this author, but I will admit this series has been hit and miss for me. I loved the first book, the second wasn't my cup of tea, and so I was a little hesitant with this one. I will say that the over is well done though. It's the kind that you would pick up and look at just because of the cover. I'm not really sure what the cover has to do with the story, but it is pretty.

Do you need to read the other two stories before you read this one? No. Will it help with backstory and getting to know the other characters? Yes. It could stand alone, more than the other two I think. But if you wanted to read the other two, they all include spoilers of what will happen in the other sisters books, so just be aware of that.

With the last book I was annoyed at the "mystery" aspect. I didn't feel it added anything to the story. This book however, I didn't mind. It definitely needed it because there is only so much "I finally realize I like him, but I don't want to ruin my friendship" I  can take. And there is a lot of that. A lot a lot of that in this book.

I do like the "friends to a relationship" aspect of this story, and I will admit I've always really liked Zander. Brit's character was kind of a miss to me, but I can see her really appealing to some readers.  Anyway, this book did finish off the series nicely, and there is a chance I will read it again. I did like it more than the second book in the series.

Sweet on You (A Bradford Sisters Romance, #3) 
Title: Sweet on You
Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Published: April 2019
Source: I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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