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Blog Tour: Love on Pointe by Tiffany Odekrik

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Love on Pointe by Tiffany Odekirk

Book Description:

Rhys Solario has a secret—one he plans to keep: he's a non-Mormon attending Brigham Young University. With only two semesters left before graduation, he just wants to keep flying under the radar. Then he meets Emmy in a Book of Mormon class, and for the first time, the idea of keeping to himself doesn't sound so appealing.

Emmy Jennings feels confident only when she's dancing ballet. With every plié and chassé, all her worries fade away. But when she fails to earn a coveted solo, her confidence on the dance floor disintegrates, and the future she's worked so hard to earn stands in jeopardy.

Assigned to be study partners, both Rhys and Emmy face initial anxieties regarding who they really are. But slowly, their tentative friendship evolves into something more. Yet even as love deepens, the pair is faced with a disheartening truth: Rhys can't take Emmy to the temple, and the promise of eternity is not something Emmy's willing to give up. With everything on the line, the couple must decide if they're prepared to reshape their hearts—and their lives—for the promise of forever. 

Andrea's Review:

Love on Pointe was an unexpected hit for me. This was the first I've heard about Tiffany Odekirk, and I have to say that she's an author to watch for. The story was really, really good! I started it late one afternoon, and only put it down when I had to. I stayed up way too late, and finished around 2 AM.

I really liked the main characters, Rhys and Emmy. Between the two of them, they dealt with some difficult issues that pulled me in. I couldn't help but get emotionally involved in their happiness and success. Their alternating points of view added a lot to the story, and the definitions/pronunciations at the beginning of each chapter were also a great addition.

The description made me think that Rhys was at the school with no one knowing he wasn't a member of the LDS Church, but it wasn't that the school admitted him not knowing (it doesn't work that way). He was just keeping it from his fellow students because he'd been burned a few times when the information came out. That was one of several things that endeared him to me. He was just trying to get through without pain-not trying to be dishonest.

I was a little bothered by the cheaper tuition reason given for Rhys choosing BYU (tuition is based on member or non-member, comparable to other universities that offer resident and non-resident tuition rates), but it was just a little detail that probably wouldn't stand out to most readers.

I will definitely read this again, and I highly recommend Love on Pointe.

Rorie's Review:

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I know nothing about ballet, other than it takes way more flexibility and balance than I will ever have. The description of the book kind of had me scratching my head. Why would Rhys feel the need to hide the fact that he's not LDS? But that question was answered pretty quickly. 
Let's talk about Rhys' name...I'm very glad the author put in the correct pronunciation, because I want to pronounce it "Reese." Even still, I stumbled over his name through must of the story. It went from "Reese" to "rice." My brain seemed incapable of remembering "rise."

Aside from difficult name pronunciation, I was drawn into this story right away. Both Rhys and Emmy were such likeable characters. I was rooting for them from the get-go, but, like Emmy, I was torn. Giving up eternity, even when you really love someone, is a hard pill to swallow. I was really wondering how the author would resolve that issue, and I was really hoping it would be done in a non-cheesy sort of way. Without going into any detail, I was really happy with the ending.:-)

Supe was probably my favorite supporting character of them all (but really, they were all good.) He reminded me of Fred from Big Hero 6 for some reason.

Definitely a story I would recommend.:-)

Tarah's Review:

Get ready for a book that will keep you reading once you've started it, and remember to keep those tissues handy. Sigh, I love a good book. Really, there isn't much better. Not only do we start the book with a beautiful cover, but we then we get fun little definition thingies for each chapter. I loved the switching points of view. It wasn't distracting at all, partly because it was expected. I think it switches back and forth every chapter.  It isn't one of those that just when you get to the good part does it switch and you have to wait, and then you forget where you were...nope, it really worked for this book. I love getting to know my characters this way.

Rhys (besides me wanting to call him Reece, not Rise...totally threw me to whole book) was awesome. He is the kind of guy you hope your daughter will bring home. Emmy I was able to connect with, and I just understood her. I loved her thought processes, and well, just her. Oh, and the secondary characters? Check. They only add awesomeness to the story.

Did I mention this book is about dance too? Oh, I love that. Not that I have any talent in that area, but it speaks to me and brings back memories of times I thought I had talent :)

I will definitely be looking for more books from this author, and I will be rereading this one again really soon.

About the Author:

Tiffany Odekirk believes cooking should take less than thirty minutes, frosting is better than ice cream, and all books should end with happily ever after. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, Tiffany completed an internship with LDS Family Services in adoption and then went on to work with homeless women and children in the non-profit sector. Married to a Broadway star, Tiffany’s days are filled with music, and her nights are spent writing the types of characters she hopes her children will one day marry.

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Title: Love on Pointe
Author: Tiffany Odekirk
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: June 2017
ISBN: 1524402001
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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