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Blog Tour: Wrong for You by Jenny Proctor

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Wrong for You by Jenny Proctor

Book Description:

Lane Bishop is a hardworking, intelligent, young woman. With her recent move to Chapel Hill, she is determined to leave behind the drama and effort of keeping up with the dating scene. Even so, Lane somehow manages to get dragged out by a gaggle of girls to go watch boys play soccer. Just watching is not Lane’s forte, so she joins in the fun and leads her team to victory.

Rather than feeling intimidated by the vivacious beauty on the opposing team, Jamie Hamilton is intrigued. Risking his “untouchable” dating status, he decides to pursue Lane—with a little help from his older brother Simon. With Simon’s behind-the- scenes assistance, Jamie proves irresistible, even to a disillusioned dater like Lane. But as she gets to know both brothers, Lane can’t help but wonder—beneath the grand gestures and romantic words, is she falling for the wrong guy?

Andrea's Review:

I really enjoyed Wrong for You! It was the kind of book that I didn't want to put down once I started, and with the great characters and fun story line, I will definitely read it again.

Wrong for You was more mind candy than deep thoughts (just the type of book I'm usually in the mood for), but it did have times where the characters really struggle, and although it was somewhat predictable, it was an enjoyable ride seeing how everything turned out.

Lane made for a wonderful main character. Perhaps part of her draw was that she was more mature than some of the other women around her, but her competitive nature added a very entertaining aspect to the story. I loved that she jumped right in to the soccer game (that wasn't a pickup game looking for more players). When she was turned down she didn't give up and sit down, she went to the other side. The scene demonstrated right off that Lane wasn't a quitter. She also had a lot of passion for her job, even though she was thrown some pretty big curve balls right off.

Jamie was an interesting character. He was likable in some ways, but I preferred Simon. It bothered me a bit that Simon was feeding Jamie information on what Lane liked, but I also appreciated that Simon noticed those things. And, I liked the relationship the Hamilton brothers had. The group texts between them added a fun aspect to the story.

I'll admit that I don't love the cover. It does fit with the story, but it's not a style that would catch my eye at a bookstore. However, if you feel the same way, ignore that feeling and get right to reading. It really was a great book. 

I look forward to reading more from this author.

Tarah's Review:

How is it that I had no idea that Jenny Proctor has written four books? I thought Wrong for You was her second book. This both excites and depresses me. It's depressing because I'm not sure my library has these books, and it's exciting because I really appreciate Proctors stories. She is able to write great characters, a compelling storyline, and good clean entertainment.

I love the cover. I think it's super cute and clever. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the white background, but every time I picture it with a different color it doesn't work, so I guess the white is the best choice. Don't the little stick figures make you smile though?

I will say I was a little hesitant to read this because it sounded like a love triangle, and I really hate love triangles. However, that's not what it was at all, which was a relief to me. I was worried how everything was going to turn out because part of what made this book awesome was the relationship with the Hamilton brothers.  And I wanted everyone to have a happy ending. I like happy endings. I know that's not how it always in in real life, but if I'm reading fiction then happy endings are sort of mandatory for me.

I can't wait to recommend this to my friends. I've already gone back and reread my favorite parts.

Rorie's Review:

This is my kind of book. Engaging right from the get-go. The characters had a lot of depth to them and I really felt like I got to know them all pretty well. I absolutely loved how Lane didn't let Jamie intimidate her at the soccer game, and instead, totally showed him up on the field.

Every part of this book was enjoyable. I loved reading about Lane's new job, her friends, her family (sending missionaries to look her up after they're released? Hilarious!) Little things like that helped make the story flow so well. Simon? Well, I really liked Simon. He is more of the quiet, reserved type. Not as impetuous as Jamie, and better at thinking things through.

This book teaches the reader that honesty and communication can go a really long way in a relationship. I had no idea how they were going to successfully pull off the Thanksgiving weekend charade. It was definitely entertaining though, that's for sure.

Jenny Proctor is now one of my favorite authors. I can't wait for her next book to come out. :)

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Title: Wrong for You
Author: Jenny Proctor
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: May 2017
ISBN: 1524403067
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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