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Blog Tour: Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology

Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology

Book Description:

Around the turn of the century, matches were made for all sorts of reasons–whether to keep a family together or simply to make ends meet. But love has a way of turning up in the most unexpected places! With four historical romance stories in one, this fun anthology will sweep you from the dance floors of aristocracy to the hearths of country living, leading to love through the most unusual circumstances.

Andrea's Review:

Unexpected Love is a fun collection of novellas that all have a marriage of convenience. The four novellas are Ashbrook Abbey by Heather Chapman, First Comes Marriage by Paula Kremser, The Price of Her Heart by Mandi Ellsworth, and Beauty and the Beholder by Ashtyn Newbold. All four authors are great. I enjoyed all of the stories. The Price of Her Heart took me a bit to get into (the setting and characters are quite a bit different than the other stories), but it grew on me and I ended up really liking it. 

Although there were some pretty serious moments in some of the stories, they were easy reads. Perfect for when you just want a quick and enjoyable story. This is a clean collection, and I'd read it again.

Rorie's Review:

Every time I read novellas, I find myself kind of disappointed. The stories are so short that I just don't feel like I get to really know the characters...there's not enough time to have them come to life.

There are four stories in this book, and while two of them sadly did feel that way to me, I found that I enjoyed the last two stories. My favorite was probably "Beauty and the Beholder." Both Fanny and Percy have lost so much, and neither of them wants to be together, but after a lot of rough starts (a whole lot of them...) they finally start to break through their barriers and come to understand each other.

I also enjoyed "The Price of Her Heart" even though it took me a bit to warm up to it. Geoffrey just seemed like a good, respectable man through and through, and Faith was a fun, feisty character.

I don't know that I'll read many other novellas, but if you enjoy short stories, this is a fun, easy read.

Tarah's Review:

Honestly, sometimes I'm just in the mood for a really good short story. When I'm not in the mood to read (gasp!) novellas will normally break me out of my funk. Sometimes I just need instant gratification. Granted, they still have to be well written and they have to feel like the whole story. I don't want to feel jipped when I read. I'm happy to report that the novellas in Unexpected Love are complete novellas, and well written.

I had my favorites out of them. Beauty and the Beholder was up there and The Price of Her Heart  and First Comes Marriage were fun too. I did struggle a little with Ashbrook Abbey. I had a hard time liking Ambrose. He ended up a good character, but it took me a while to warm up to him, and lets be honest...there isn't a lot of time in a novella to warm up to characters.

Out of all of them I think I'd like to see The Price of Her Heart as a full length novel. I liked it, and it was fun, but I think it had more potential to be drawn out and explored a bit more.

I've already reread some of them, and will most likely pick this book up again and again when I need my instant gratification fix :)

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Title: Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology
Authors: Heather Chapman, Paula Kremser, Mandi Ellsworth, Ashtyn Newbold
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Published: March 2017
ISBN: 1462119794
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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