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Blog Tour: Be Happy by Hank Smith


Book Description:

You can be happy—solidly, genuinely happy—no matter what's going on around you, no matter what happens to you, no matter what storm comes along to batter and bruise you.
Keep reading, and I'll show you how . . .
Face it: it's not always easy to feel happy. With all of the worries and trials of day-to-day life, the cares of the world can seem overwhelming. But as popular speaker and author Hank Smith demonstrates, no matter your circumstances, you can be happy—the kind of happy that illuminates you from the inside out, a joy that does not depend on what happens to you but on what you do with what happens. With his characteristic humor, Hank offers readers a fresh perspective on finding joy in the journey with a collection of tools and strategies designed to inspire genuine happiness, such as: • Learning to develop an optimistic outlook
• Understanding how to deal with feelings of depression<
• Mastering ten simple tricks to jump-start your joy each day
Featuring an inspiring collection of real-life examples, enlightening doctrinal direction, and motivating goals, Be Happy is the guide you need to start living a happier life, today!

Rorie's Review:

I wasn't in the mood to read a non-fiction book, but I am so glad I read this one. My copy of this book has so many pages dog-eared, and I wish I had a highlighter with me when I was reading it, so I could have marked certain phrases and passages when I was reading them.

There is just so. much. information. in this book. Things that I have thought about but haven't done, and things I never even thought of before, but know I should be doing. I even used a few principles the past few days on a family vacation. And you know what? I enjoyed my vacation more than I normally would have. Because I am the queen of crankiness when it comes to being out in large crowds with my family. Was I perfectly, Zen-approved happy? No, no I was not. But I was happier than I normally would be, so that's huge for me.

So, would I recommend this book? Do you wish you were a bit (Or a lot) happier? If so, yes. Read this book.

Tarah's Review:

I was actually pretty excited about this book, which is strange for me considering it is non-fiction. We love listening to Hank Smith CD's at our house. In fact, on an 8 hour drive one of my kids wanted those CD's put on an MP3 player to listen to on the trip, and then the other kids fought for turns listening to it until she finally took the headphones out so everyone could hear....talks that they had heard multiple times before. So that's fun for me.

There are so many things I like about this book it's hard to know where to start. I consider myself a happy person, but in the few days since I've read and applied this stuff I've noticed a distinct difference. Is any of the information earth shattering and unheard of? No. But it is put together in a way that is easy and fun to understand and like I said earlier, apply.

I just have to share a could quotations that I really loved. In this one, the topic is about work and he says, "Did you ever consider the fact that God left the world unfinished so we could apply our skill and workmanship to it?" Sadly I haven't thought about it like that. I like things just sort of handed to me with a pretty little bow. Next up is a quote about patience. Who doesn't need more patience? "When selfishness, impatience, and anger take over, happiness dies a painful death." Oh...yes. Yes, I can definitely see this happening in my life. It's probably time to nip this little happiness killer in the bud.

When I got this book in the mail, my two oldest (11 and 10) both tried to take it from me to read first. I prevailed, but I think it's fun they have the desire to read this, and now that I have, it is something I can recommend to them without hesitation.

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Title: Be Happy
Author: Hank Smith
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: February 2017
ISBN: 152440263X
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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