Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blog Tour: Stu Stories by Patrick Hueller

Book Description:

Stu Sanderson is no ordinary eighth-grader. Almost seven feet tall, he vanishes into thin air, duels knights with ninja stealth, lifts the downtrodden, and woos the coolest, best-calved girl in school. Become a middle-grade legend with Stu and his sidekick, Bird Bones, on the journey of a lifetime in Stu Stories.


You get a two-fer with this review...well, more like a one and a halfer, since my 8-year-old is notoriously lacking in the descriptive writing category. (Hey, we've all got to start somewhere, right?)
At any rate, despite the lack of detail in his review, it was very obvious that he thoroughly enjoyed the book. I gave it to him in the car when I picked him up from school and he read it all the way home, and pretty much didn't come up for air until he finished the entire book the next day. I'm sure he would have finished it sooner if he didn't have to stop to do all that pesky stuff like sleep, go to school and eat. So, without further delay, here is his review:
"I liked it because the author has a great sence of humor. My favorite charicter was Stu because he is very funny. I do recomend this book to others. My favorite time is when Stu hid in the vent, and took the intercom." (Incidentally, that was one of my favorite parts too.)

I enjoyed the book as well, but it is definitely geared toward younger readers. My personal favorite part of the book was the flagpole incident. I enjoyed the strange relationship that Bird Bones and Stu had with each other. Good friends, but neither of them was puppy-dogging the other, or constantly making a pest out of themselves. Well, Stu may have made a pest out of himself a time or ten, but I think that was part of his charm. Definitely a book I would recommend for Elementary/early Middle School readers.

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Author: Patrick Hueller
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published: January 2017
ISBN:  1462119557
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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