Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blog Tour: Witness in the Dark by Lynne Larson


Book Description:

What began as a picture-perfect summer vacation for college student Jenny Brodie has swiftly become a nightmare. When she left home on the back of her horse one sunny morning, she couldn't have imagined what awaited her in the Utah desert. Now the darkness is closing in, and there is no way out.
The woman saw what he did—she witnessed the shots he fired, the murder he committed. But she'll never talk. He's made sure of that.
For a man desperate to hide his crimes, the pressure steadily rises as Jenny's community bands together to find the missing young woman. As the searchers grow ever closer to discovering what he has hidden, so too does his desperation. He will stop at nothing to keep the woman hidden—but he has underestimated the second witness to his evil deeds: a young girl determined to protect Jenny. As the trail runs cold, will help come for Jenny before time runs out?


The best part of this story was little Clara. Her wonderful, sweet spirit shone throughout the entire story. I couldn't help but want to give her a great big hug whenever she was involved.

The climax of the story had me on the edge of my seat, and I was picturing several ways that it could have been resolved, but I loved the way the author did it.

Having been in law enforcement, I did have some trouble with the way that part of the story was written. It just wasn't realistic. I understand the necessity for an author to take liberties with real-life situations sometimes to make the story go the way they want it to, but it still needs to be believable, which this wasn't. It also kind of bugged me the way she had most of the characters talking like hillbillies. Tooele might be a small town, but that doesn't mean that everyone there talks that way. That and the law enforcement stuff became a bit distracting for me.

Other than those two things though, I enjoyed the story. The main two things that stuck out to me throughout the book were 1) Don't underestimate someone, just because they're handicapped or "different," and 2) Don't underestimate the power for good that a little bit of kindness can have.

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Published: January 2017
ISBN: 1524401846
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