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Blog Tour: Exodus by H.B. Moore


Book Description:

Let my people go . . .
A plea has been made in behalf of the children of Israel. Now comes the epic climax years in the making—the final showdown between two of the most powerful men in history—one fueled by pride, the other guided by the word of God. Moses has received an extraordinary call from the Lord: he is to lead the exodus of the Hebrew people out of Egypt, ending generations of bondage. And he must return to the land of his birth to boldly petition a man he does not want to challenge. . . or lose to: Ramses—pharaoh of Egypt. Ramses, harboring years of feeling betrayed by his best friend, is determined to stop Moses no matter the cost. He will not yield, even as a dark veil of plagues and pestilence descends over the land of Egypt.
What follows is a powerful chronicle of the struggles of the children of Israel as they traverse uncharted territory, both physically and spiritually. Amid the horrific catastrophes devastating their land and through the dramatic events that follow, the Hebrews must face their fears and their faltering faith. For even in the darkest of times, there are manifestations of the Lord's constant care to inspire their hope for a bright future.

Book Review:

This was a very well-done conclusion to The Moses Chronicles. (I'm assuming it's the last book in the series. I could be wrong.) Once again, the author does a great job bringing all of the characters to life.

Some of the things that stuck out to me the most were when the author described all of the suffering that the Egyptians went through with each plague. Yes, I've always assumed the plagues were all pretty miserable, but I've never humanized the Egyptians. They were wrong to keep the Hebrews enslaved, but they were people just going about their daily lives, and due in large part to the hard-heartedness of their Pharaoh, they suffered through so much.

Something that always leaves me shaking my head in amazement was the lack of faith that the Hebrews continued to have, even after witnessing so many marvelous miracles. I'm sure that Moses was incredibly frustrated by this!

I expected that the novel would end after they all made it through the Red Sea, but the story continues through several other miracles that happened after that, which was nice.

Book Tour:

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Title: The Moses Chronicles: Exodus
Author: H.B. Moore
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Published: August 2016
ISBN: 1524400343
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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