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Blog Tour: A Date with Danger by Kari Iroz

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A Date with Danger by Kari Iroz

Book Description:

She just wanted to shake up her love life. Jacklyn (Jack) Wyatt is the typical twenty-five-year-old living the typical Provo single life with the typical bad luck— at least until the FBI recruits her for a completely different type of dating.

A young woman has gone missing, and all signs point to her online dating profile as the kidnapper’s operating ground. But when suspects who crossed paths with the missing girl begin contacting Jack, the FBI sees its opportunity for an inside man—er, woman.

Now Jack will have to play the field, dating each of the men in an attempt to weed out the kidnapper. But with such an unusual array of characters vying for her attention, pinpointing the culprit may prove even harder than finding Mr. Right. And as more young women disappear, will Jack stay professional and objective, even with the handsome Special Agent Damon Wade just a whisper in her hidden microphone away?

Andrea's Review:


I have not laughed out loud so hard for as long as I can remember. This book was seriously hilarious. My daughter was concerned, and it was hard to stop laughing long enough to read some funny parts to her. Quite a few of the laughs may have come from situations stemming from LDS culture, but I think those not familiar with the culture would still be entertained.

The Sandra Bullock look-alike on the cover was very distracting. I put the book face down whenever I had to attend to life (although that wasn't often-this was really good and I just wanted to read and avoid those pesky details of real life). If covers are your thing, and this isn't the cover for you, ignore it and give the book a try. It is such a good read! I can't wait to read it again.

I liked the characters, and the regular citizen being pulled into helping the FBI made for such a fun story. There were intense moments broken up with great laughs. The online dating scene added so much to this story.

Kari Iroz is an author to watch for.

Rorie's Review:

I was a bit put off for the first chapter or two by Jack's...witticisms (I'm pretty sure that's not a word, but I can't think of what else to call it.) Thankfully, I either got used to it really fast, or it lessened a bit because it didn't take me too long  to become completely engrossed in the story, and it turned out to be a "put everything else on the back burner so I can finish this book in one day" kind of story.

Jack is a very socially awkward person, one that I can kind of relate to. Damon is pretty much the exact opposite, so it was very interesting to see their relationship grow from not really liking him at all, to friendship, to something even more.

The story line is interesting - online dating has always been interesting to me, but not in a "Hmm, that might be fun" kind of way, more of a "How do you know he won't turn out to be a sadistic killer?" kind of way. It was amusing to see the different kind of dates that Jack had to endure while they were trying to flush out the kidnapper.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Jack and Damon.  He starts out so stiff and serious, but I really came to like him as the story progressed. I also really appreciated how the author didn't make him all of a sudden resolve his religion issues. That actually might have ruined the story if that had been the case.

Definitely a good story that I highly recommend. A good mystery, some suspense, some good romance, lots of humor. It's all there.

Tarah's Review:

Okay, so I just have to start with the cover, because I'm a cover snob, and I kind of feel like this one is false advertising :) It totally looks like Sandra Bullock on the cover of this book, and with the title A Date with Danger it makes me think that this is going to be like the movie The Net (do you remember that movie? Wow, that was a long time ago). In all reality though, if I was keeping with Sandra Bullock movie themes, I would compare this book more to Miss Congeniality than The Net. It has laughs and humor and some suspense and mystery, but it's not a serious book. It's LDS fluff, and I love me some fluff. Especially funny fluff.

Okay, now on to the good stuff. I loved this book. When it came in the mail I wasn't excited to read it because of the cover, but I opened it up just to see really quick what I was in for...and I just kept reading. My family would look at me funny when I'd burst out laughing, but I just couldn't help myself.

I love how Jack said what she thought. Never in a rude way, though. It was more self-deprecating humor. While I think her dates might have been a little over the top (but really, I didn't date much so maybe that is pretty typical) it was entertaining to read.

I liked the mystery part, and was kept guessing till the very end. I also really appreciated how Damon did just all of a sudden decide to believe because of her, but that it was a work in progress.

I've already recommended this to my book friends, and I've gone back and reread my favorite parts. This will be a book I will reread again and again.

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Title: A Date with Danger
Author: Kari iroz
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Published: June 2016

Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews.