Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blog Tour: Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Learning


Research shows that kids can suffer from Summer Memory Loss and lose up to 30% of reading and math skills while away from school during the summer. Physical exercise and play improves circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the nervous system which results in children thinking more clearly and performing better physically and academically.

Summer Fit workbooks provide parents and kids with a balanced and active approach to summer learning. Each workbook (PreK-5th Grade) includes exercises and activities that reinforce the academic, physical and social aspects of learning to prepare kids for the new school year ahead.

Rorie's Review:

My kids have been using these books since the beginning of summer. They really like that each day's lesson is short and relatively easy to complete. I like that they can finish the lessons quickly but that they still learn how to do new things. My 8-year-old is using the Third to Fourth Grade book and it seems to be just right for where he is at academically. My 6-year-old is using the First to Second Grade book, instead of the K to First Grade because that one seemed like it would be way too easy for him. My kids haven't been very interested in doing the fitness section and I haven't been good at working on the values section with them, although I do think that both are a very good thing to include in the books.

Andrea's Review:

I have been pretty concerned about my kids regressing academically over the summer, so when I heard about Summer Fit Learning I was really excited to have my kids include this program with their summer routine.

The books arrived a few days before we went out of town, so we haven't had a chance to really dig into the full program yet. But, I was really impressed with the workbooks and the variety they include. My ten-year-old dug right in to the worksheets. She didn't know everything right off, but I was happy for the challenge some problems gave her. (And, I appreciated the answer key in the back.) My seven-year-old wasn't as excited about the workbook, but once he and I started he seemed to enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to starting the full program with my kids, and definitely like the idea of getting these again next year so we can start using them right when summer break starts.

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