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Blog Tour: Power Parenting in the LDS Home by Randal A. Wright

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The best wisdom comes from experience. Here Dr. Randal Wright has compiled the experiences of over 500 adults and their responses to his question: What parenting worked and what didn’t work in your parent’s home? Each chapter is based on the most commonly repeated mistakes and successes to help you become the successful parent you want to be.

Guest Post:

Be an Example
By Randal A. Wright

A few years ago I was asked to speak at a Know Your Religion in Mesa, Arizona. Earlier that day, I spoke to the Dobson high school seminary classes in Chandler. My topic was the importance of being a good example. That night after the KYR talk, I decided to go see a movie that several LDS friends had highly recommended. As I pulled up to the theater, I noticed most of the movies were R-rated along with the PG-rated one that I had come to see. As I walked up to the ticket booth, I saw a poster for a well advertised, highly acclaimed historical R-rated movie. For a split second, the thought passed through my mind, “You are in Tempe, Arizona and don’t know one person here. No one would ever know which movie you went to see.” Immediately, another thought came to mind. “Yes, at least two people would know—Heavenly Father and me.” I walked up to the ticket booth and told the teenage worker that I wanted one ticket to the PG-rated movie. When I said that, the young man started to smile, as if pleased with my choice. I wondered why he cared which movie I saw. As he handed me my ticket, he said, “Thanks, Brother Wright.” Startled, I asked him how he knew who I was. He said he was at the talk I had given to the seminary students earlier that day. A tremendous feeling of relief rushed through me. I thanked my Heavenly Father for helping me have the courage to resist temptation

After the movie, I imagined what the result would have been if I had made the wrong movie choice that night. I believe at the very least the young man would have lost respect for me, and thought I was a hypocrite. I then thought of a far worse scenario. What if his parents would have preached one thing to him and then did the opposite themselves?

Many years ago, President George Q. Cannon taught, “Where parents set proper examples to their children, and with those examples join good precepts, the influence is felt throughout the lives of their children. There may be some who will forget or disregard that which is shown and taught them, but they will be the exceptions. As the children grow in years, they will think about the examples and precepts of their parents. Increasing years will add weight to all that they have said and done.”

Years ago I had the privilege of serving with President Kent Richards in the San Antonio Mission presidency. He is a direct descendant of Willard Richards, a 5th generation mission president and now a general authority. I wondered how one man could have so many faithful descendants and what we could learn from him? A statement made by Brigham Young about Willard may answer those questions: “He was as true and unwavering in his course as the sun is to the earth. There is not a shade of deviation from the principles of righteousness.”

About the Author:

Randal Wright has been fascinated by the study of families for many years. Seeking ways to raise righteous children led to his receiving a B.S. and M.S. with emphasis in the family area and then a Ph.D. in Family Studies from Brigham Young University. He worked for many years as an Institute director for the Church Education System and taught at BYU in the religion department. He has written several books in the past on family topics including Families in Danger: Protecting Your Family in an X-rated World, Building Better Homes and Families and The Case for Chastity: Helping Youth Stay Morally Clean. He has spoken across the United States, Canada and England and has been a frequent speaker at BYU Campus Education Week and the Especially for Youth program for many years. Randal and his wife Wendy live in Austin, Texas and are the parents of five children and sixteen grandchildren.

Title: Power Parenting in the LDS Home
Author: Randal A. Wright
Publisher: CFI an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published: January 2014
ISBN: 1462113796

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