Thursday, August 9, 2012


This third book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series is my favorite so far. The writing in all of the books has been excellent, but I found myself more drawn to Paige than the other characters. I think this is because of our similar ages, number of children, and religion.

Thankfully, our similarities end there. Paige's husband was unfaithful, which lead to a divorce. She's raising her two young boys on her own in a new state. There are so many changes in her life that she's learning to adjust to while being bogged down by bitterness toward her ex and his new wife.

Although this book has its share of downers, I really enjoyed how Paige finds so much happiness through new friendships, her boys, and even some romance. I liked how she was able to look at what was making her happy, and realize what was most important in her life, even if that meant some temporary unhappiness for a better long term result.

Don't forget that you can meet the author, Annette Lyon, this Saturday at the Fort Union Deseret Book from 1:00-3:00 for the Paige launch party.