Thursday, June 16, 2011


Forsaken (Fall of Angels, #2)Forsaken by Keary Taylor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Forsaken is the sequel to Branded, written by self-published author Keary Taylor.

When I read Branded a little over a year ago, I thought it was pretty original. Jessica has had awful dreams for years where she sees the final judgment of the deceased. When she wakes up, she has the brand of the condemned on her neck. It's terrifying and painful, and she does her best to avoid sleep. Branded ends with Jessica not having to deal with the nightmares anymore, and she's no longer alone.

Forsaken fell a little short in originality. There were several instances where I thought it was just like Twilight. A few times I was lost, not remembering some of the details from the previous story. I was also quite distracted by typos.

Alex's reason for not proposing (a major source of conflict throughout the story) was ridiculous. No one knows how much time they'll have with someone. If you love them, and don't ever want to be without them, then pop the question!

I did like Forsaken, but I would have loved to see some more originality and proofing.