Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spotlight: Picture Mr. Perfect by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess

Picture Mr. Perfect by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess

On sale July 7th-July 13th for just $0.99!

Book Description:

Jason Barry’s no hero, although he does hope to change the world one day by helping people once he finally earns his master’s degree in psychology. When his scholarship is unexpectedly revoked, however, Jason takes on a temporary modeling gig for money to help pay the bills, never dreaming it’ll land him on the cover of a best-selling romance novel – and transform him from the boy-next-door to a hot literary hunk almost overnight.

Suddenly, women recognize Jason as the face of sexy ‘Lord Damon’ everywhere he goes, making him the envy and admiration of his male friends. But as covers featuring him as everything from a swashbuckling hero to Mr. Darcy himself causes his celebrity status to explode, Jason struggles to balance his academic pursuits, as well as his deepening attraction for Emily, a waitress and part-time student at his university.

Emily is definitely unimpressed by Jason’s literary alter-ego. But can the real Jason convince her there’s more to him than meets the eye? Or will bigger issues prevent their happy-ever-after, when certain truths between them challenge the definition of a real hero?

About the Author:

Laura Briggs graduated from a Missouri liberal arts college in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Her first published work was Only in Novels, a short romance story from Pelican Book Group. Among her independently published works are a series of wedding-themed romances, as well as Jane Austen-inspired fiction.