Monday, September 14, 2020

Book Review: The Lost Wonderland Diaries by J. Scott Savage

Book Description:

Something monstrous has been found in the magic world of Wonderland and it wants to get out.

Lewis Carroll created a curious and fantastical world in his classic book Alice in Wonderland, but he secretly recorded the true story of his actual travels to Wonderland in four journals which have been lost to the world...until now.

Celia and Tyrus discover the legendary Lost Diaries of Wonderland and fall into a portal that pulls them into the same fantasy world as the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. However, Wonderland has vastly changed. A darkness has settled over the land, and some creatures and characters that Tyrus remembers from the book have been transformed into angry monsters.

Celia and Tyrus make their way through this unpredictable and dangerous land, helped by familiar friends including the Cheshire Cat and a new character, Sylvan, a young rabbit. Together, they desperately work to solve puzzles and riddles, looking for a way out of Wonderland. But the danger increases when the Queen of Hearts begins hunting them. Believing the two young visitors hold the key to opening multiple portals to multiple worlds, she will stop at nothing to capture them.

It's up to Celia and Tyrus to save Wonderland and the real world.  It's a race against time before they are trapped in Wonderland forever.

Rorie's Review:

I enjoyed this story much more than I thought I would (and I really shouldn't have been surprised, because I loved the Mysteries of Cove series, I just wasn't in the mood for a middle grade book when I picked this one up.) At any rate, it didn't take me long to become invested in the story at all. The author does a wonderful job of bringing his characters to life, and I really felt invested in how the story turned out. I will say that Celia bugged me for probably 3/4 of the book though. That girl needed a major attitude adjustment! Thankfully, that didn't last throughout the entire story, because I was about ready to start cheering for one of the crazed creatures instead of her. I've never read Through the Looking Glass, so I might have to do that before reading the next installment in this series (I'm assuming that is what the next book will be based off of) so I can be somewhat familiar with the characters involved.

Braden's Review:

I think that the lost wonderland diaries is a great and fantastic book. J. Scott Savage takes us through the
wonderful world of Lewis Carol (aka: Charles Dodgson). We get to meet some of our favorite wonderland
characters while following the path of Celia and Tyrus on their funny and miraculous adventure. I feel like
I can relate to Tyrus very much. His love of books is phenomenal. 

Tarah's Review:

 How cute is this book? I will admit the first chapter had me wondering if I was going to keep reading it or not, but then I got into the 2nd chapter, and I fell in love. It's a quick Middle Grade read, and super fun to see the world that Savage has created here. It fills me with wonder to see the creativity and imagination of some people. I don't function like that, and I related to Celia in her need to logic and understanding. I also came to the conclusion that I relate a lot more to the book worm characters, and the underdogs than brash, self-aware, almost cocky characters. So even though I wasn't ever an "outcast" I feel like I can relate to those type of characters much more. 

If your Middle Grade child is looking for a fun and entertaining book, I would definitely recommend this one. If you are a lover of Middle Grade fiction and looking for a book full of crazy situations I would recommend giving The Lost Wonderland Diaries a try.
Title: The Lost Wonderland Diaries
Author: J. Scott Savage
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: September 2020
ISBN: 1629727865
Source: We received copies from the publisher. All opinions expressed are our own.
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