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Blog Tour: The Heart of a Vicar by Sarah M. Eden

The Heart of a Vicar by Sarah M. Eden

Book Description:

Young love is all too fleeting, as Harold Jonquil painfully discovered years ago when Sarah Sarvol, the niece of a neighboring landowner, captured his heart. After an idyllic few weeks in the throes of blossoming love, reality intervened. They could have no future. Following their disastrous parting, Harold attempted to push aside thoughts of love and regret, but Sarah has never left his heart. Now, years later, he has achieved his lifelong aspiration of becoming the local vicar. However, the role proves more difficult than he imagined. He feels hollow and uninspired—until the most important person in his past returns, challenging him as no one ever has.

When Sarah’s ailing uncle summons her back to the family estate in England, there is only one person from her past she is reluctant to see again: Harold Jonquil, the only man who has ever claimed her heart. But when she comes face-to-face with her former beau, she hardly recognizes the aloof and dull man before her. She is determined to help Harold rediscover the passion he once felt toward his chosen profession. Soon, despite their exasperation with each other, they cannot deny the stirring of feelings long buried—but is it too late for second chances?

Andrea's Review:

I love Sarah M. Eden's books and was so excited for the opportunity to read the story about "Holy Harry". Right away the reader is able to see so much more about Harold than we've ever seen in the other Jonquil books. I couldn't help but feel a bit upset with his brothers for all the teasing they'd done and how hurtful it was. No one really seemed to know Harold. A lot of that was due to him holding back, but he felt like being a vicar was his calling, and his father (whom he loved and respected) had made it seem like that's what he thought he should do with his life. He was trying so hard to live up to what he felt was the way a vicar should be, and it was slowly stifling him.

I was very surprised by Harold's hidden interests-they totally caught me off guard. His relationship with his housekeeper was a breath of fresh air, as she was the one person he could be himself around. It was sad that he didn't feel that way around his family, and I was happy that that situation improved throughout the story.

Sarah had heartache of her own, but in spite of that, she still worked hard to improve the lives of those around her (especially helping Harold see the good he could do).

The Heart of a Vicar is a winner, and one that I will read again (and again).

Rorie's Review:

I need the Jonquil family to live in my neighborhood. I'm pretty sure I say that every time I read one of their stories, but it's just as true this time as it has been every other time I've written it. I'm really going to be sad when all of their stories have been told.

I was really interested to see how "Holy Harry's" story would go. He's always come across as very self-righteous and holier-than-thou in every other story he's made an appearance in. In this book, we get to know the real Harry, the one he keeps hidden. Turns out, I kinda really like the guy. I don't want to spoil it, but the things he does that make him "human" were very entertaining, to say the least. I could relate to him with the feelings of not being good enough, and my heart just went out to him.

It took me awhile before I realized that Sarah's uncle was Bridget's father. What a horrible, sour, -insert all the other adjectives about being unkind here-man. I don't know if he was always that horrible, or if Bridget's death made him so much worse, but wow. Sarah was a saint to have put up with as much from him as she did.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Sarah and Harold grow. Actually, I enjoyed watching all of Harold's relationships grow. You'll definitely need to read the story to find out what I mean. I was also happy to see Crispin make an appearance again. He should show up more often. :)

Sarah Eden is by far my favorite author, and I am always sad when I finish one of her Jonquil family stories, because that means it's over and I have to wait until the next one comes out. Thankfully, they're such good stories that I don't mind reading them over and over again. I would absolutely love it if she wrote a book where the Jonquils and the Lancasters all got together for some reason or another. (Hint, hint!)

Tarah's Review:

This is a great coming into your own story! It's also a sweet story about finding the person that will help you become the best you possible. Throughout the series I haven't really thought much about Harry, except when his brothers teased him. I only really got interested in his side of the story when Layton, Philip, Stanley and Harry were showing each other their scars. Such a great scene! I still laugh over that one.

I loved how we got to know the real Harry during his interactions with his housekeeper. She's a great woman. It saddened me to see the impact Harry's family had on him because I love this family and you want them to be better than they are. And they figure it out eventually, along with Harry. Good thing they have Mater. Philip and Sorrel make another appearance (as do all the brothers, but Philips role is bigger) and it's heart-rending. Whew, there were a lot of emotions in this book.

I also enjoyed Sarah's character. Her role in coming back was interesting and it was heartbreaking to see her stifled by her uncle when she just wanted to help people.

I will definitely be reading this one again and again, but it makes me sad that only Charlie has a story left now. I'm already mourning the end of the series and it isn't even over yet.

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Title: The Heart of a Vicar
Author: Sarah M. Eden
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: June 2019
ISBN: 1524408611
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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