Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Movie Review: Come Unto Me

Come Unto Me
A John Lyde Film

Movie Description:

Young Samuel and little Mary are intrigued by the man called John the Baptist, but they can't take the chance of staying in one place long enough to listen to his message. On the run from Roman soldiers, the brother and sister must do whatever it takes to survive. But when they meet a kind woman at a well, she introduces them to her son, Jesus—and their meeting forever changes the children's lives.


Andrea's Review:

Come Unto Me is a short film with a good message and one worth seeing, especially this time of year when we are reflecting on the Savior's life and the sacrifice He made for all of us. I can't recall seeing any Biblical depictions of Mary and Jesus when He is an adult, so I enjoyed seeing their loving relationship portrayed. I suppose I haven't thought much of Mary past His childhood, so her outgoing nature in the film wasn't something I had in mind, but she was very kind and helped children in need. She was a good example. She and Jesus brought out the best in the children.

I watched Come Unto Me with my kids, and although my son's interest wasn't held, my daughter thought it was good. The consensus was that the acting was ok.

Tarah's Review:

I actually watched this with my 5 year old and my 3 year old.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie, but I figured it ought to be safe for my little ones :) My 3 year old was excited every time Jesus was in a scene and she yelled out "That's Jesus!" every time. My 5 year old was actually more involved than I expected her to be, and she watched the whole thing quietly, sometimes asking a question here or there. I actually wish my 7 year old was home to watch it. I think it's a great video for young children preparing for baptism. The script was written in such a way that it's easy for children to understand and it tells lots of stories that they hear in the scriptures.  

I don't know if it's because we are preparing for Easter, or if it was watching my littles watch this, but I was really touched by this story, and will definitely be showing this to my older ones when they get home from school. It would make a great FHE :)

Rorie's Review:

This was a perfect video to watch on Easter Sunday. I sat down with my whole family to watch it. My two youngest (age 4) didn't pay a whole lot of attention, although they did comment "That's Jesus!" "That's Mary!" so they were paying a little bit of attention. My 8 year old really enjoyed the movie and said that he liked all of it, especially when the kids returned things. My husband and I agreed that we really enjoyed the simpleness of the message, and how everyone, from a young child to an adult could relate to and understand the message. We also liked how Mary, the mother of Jesus was the one giving the message.

Overall, this was a movie that I would like to keep in my library and watch over again with my kids. I think that as they watch it more often, they will get more and more out of it. 


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