Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 2) by Rebecca Belliston

(Citizens of Logan Pond Book 2)
by Rebecca Belliston

Book Description:

Chicago is burning, a rebellion rises, but that’s the least of Carrie’s concerns. Patrolman Simmons is assigned new partners who threaten the security and secrecy of Carrie's clan. Tensions are high, lines are drawn, and Carrie feels a wedge growing between her and Greg.

Haunted by past mistakes and impending tragedies, Greg knows he should distance himself from Carrie. He knows he should let her love the patrolman who can save her and her siblings, especially with money and resources dwindling. But knowing and doing are different matters. He's busy hatching a plan to salvage things when his citizenship backfires, and he’s asked to do the unthinkable.

In this stunning follow-up to Lifeloved ones are lost, allegiances are tested, and old enemies plot revenge. At every turn, the citizens of Logan Pond must ask: 

What price would you pay for the liberty of those you love?


I REALLY enjoyed Life (Book 1 of the Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy), so I was very excited to get the chance to review Book 2. 

You definitely need to read Life before reading Liberty. It might stand on its own (I read it quite awhile after reading Book 1 and it felt like enough back story was given that you wouldn't be lost), but you would be missing out. In fact, I went back and re-read Life after reading Liberty, and then I read Liberty again!

The dystopian setting pulls you in. Carrie and her clan are living in the United States as illegals because when the stock market crashed and banks failed, her family and most of her neighbors lost everything. They could live under tight government rule, but wanted freedom, so they're squatters in their own homes, and have to hide from government patrols. Liberty takes place at a time that many illegals (and even some in the three different classes in society) are rebelling against the government.

The characters are so real. Carrie is such a good person. She's always helping others, even when people in her clan don't treat her well. Greg is good in many ways too, but that isn't really the quality that draws you to him. He's smart and hard working, not to mention attractive and mysterious. You can't help but want to Carrie and Greg to get together, but then there's Oliver. So much emotion going on in this series! Some love triangles just bug me, but there is so much more to this story than just possible romances. It's a fight for survival!

The ending is a total cliff hanger! I don't typically like that, but as I mentioned, I enjoyed the book so much I've already read it twice. I can't wait to read The Pursuit. It won't be out until sometime in 2016, but the way things were left I definitely want to find out how Carrie, Greg, and the rest of the clan find their happiness. 

The cover art from the author's website is great too. If you like dystopian novels, be sure to check out Citizens of Logan Pond.

About the Author:

Rebecca Lund Belliston is the bestselling author of the Citizens of Logan Pond dystopian trilogy and the LDS romantic suspense novels, Sadie and Augustina. She's a sucker for a good romance, a good clean romance, and as such she layers her stories with page-turning romance and heart-pounding adventure. She's also the bestselling composer of religious and classical-style music that has been performed around the world.

When she's not writing fiction or music or chasing her kids, she loves to cuddle up with a good book. She and her husband live in beautiful Michigan with their five kids.