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Book Review: Another Time for Love by Lynne Larson

Book Description: 

Salt Lake County, Present Day
Sam Carroll is living life in the fast lane--sleek cars, nice clothes, and lovely ladies have replaced the gospel values he grew up with, and he's going nowhere fast. But when a serious car accident brings his fun to a screeching halt, Sam is left comatose, aware only of his older brother reading aloud from the hundred-year-old journal of an LDS bishop, Moroni Chadester. As Sam drifts in and out of consciousness, the words begin to take root in his mind . . .
Alpine, Utah, 1915
Standing on a dusty mountain road, Sam is bewildered. The cars are different. The clothes are different. Where and when is he? The answer comes from an impossible source: Bishop Moroni Chadester. Hurtled back in time by forces he can't understand, Sam finds his memories of modern existence quickly fading as he becomes immersed in a new life and a romance with the town beauty, Laney Williams. But as the pair becomes entangled in a murder mystery, the thrill of courtship is replaced by terror as fate conspires to bring the couple into the path of a killer. Little do they realize that the clock is ticking on more than their lives Sam can't stay in the past forever. As danger looms ever closer, Sam must fight to save Laney. But can their love stand the test of time?

Rorie's Review:

Sam is not a very likeable character for the first part of the book. The author doesn't really go into much detail about the kind of life he's living before his accident, only that he isn't living as he should be. After he ends up in 1915, he frequently has thoughts along the lines of "I'm so much better than you because I come from a time when we have great technological inventions." Thankfully, after time passes and he comes to know the people better, he becomes much more humble and likeable.

Throughout the whole book, I kept wondering how the author was going to end the book. Sam had made a really good life for himself back in 1915, but how could he stay there - and was he really even there to begin with? Without giving away any spoilers, the resolution to that issue came about pretty abruptly. I read the last few chapters not sure that I was liking where the story had gone, but thankfully, near the very end, the author "fixed" things. Even still, the whole ending seemed a bit rushed to me.

All in all, I enjoyed the story, although I would have liked more information on what happened to the bad guy in the end.

Tarah's Review:

How to you mix two different time-lines with people from each time, and still get a happily ever after? It's pretty tricky, and the whole book (it's not a long one, and makes for a fast read) I kept wondering how this was going to get resolved.

I'm going to agree with Rorie on this one. The whole book felt a little rushed and maybe a little choppy, and the ending, while it wasn't an ending per-say (because they still have their lives to live) wasn't as satisfying as I wanted it to be.

I enjoyed the growth that Sam experienced (but like Rorie said, he wasn't a very likeable character in the beginning, which is kind of the point of the story), and I liked way certain things like faith were explained. The Bishops character was a great example and fun to read about. I liked how love was explained not just as attraction, but willing to serve the one you love.

I'm not sure that I would recommend it, but it's a clean faith filled book that you wouldn't go wrong in reading. 

Another Time For Love
Title: Another Time For Love
Author: Lynne Larson
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Published: July 2015
ISBN:  1621086887
Source: We received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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