Monday, March 30, 2015

Book review: Real Moms: Making It Up As We Go

Book Description:

Raising human beings is no joke, observes debut author Lisa Valentine Clark. It is funny and ridiculous, and it is serious business too.

Every mother has those surreal moments when the bizarre and ludicrous happens--situations no one could prepare you for. Even if they had tried, you would not have believed them. This laugh-out loud read portrays the brass tacks of motherhood with humorous and heartwarming observations, anecdotes, and musings--as well as lots of advice you did not ask for, a few side rants, and a healthy dose of encouragement. Whether you are a mom of little kids, older kids, or grown-up kids, and whether you are a stepmom, a single mom, a married mom, or a someday mom, the role of motherhood has a way of encompassing (or totally and completely swallowing up) all other areas of life. The reality is that being a mom changes everything, and while most of us do not mother our kids under perfect circumstances, the good news is we are all in this together.

Book Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. The author has a way with writing that makes you feel like you're having a conversation with her in person, and not only that, but it's a conversation with a good friend.

This isn't a typical parenting book where the author will give you lots of "how-to's" and tell you that your kids will turn out just fine if only you do (insert advice here.) Instead, this book focuses on how we're all just trying to do our best and what works for one mom (or, really, one kid) might not work for the next one.

In one chapter, the author talks about how it's OK to lower the bar - in that we don't need to constantly compare ourselves to other moms and try to one-up everyone. Motherhood is enough, we don't need to add all the stress-causing "frilly" things like elf on the shelf or a Pinterest-worthy birthday party for our children...unless we want to and enjoy doing those things, and then of course it's OK.

I could completely relate to the author's mantra "Alive by 5" because I am completely immersed in keeping my very rambunctious, curious and way-too-smart-for-their-own-good twins alive. I think I will frame that mantra and hang it on my wall to remind me that sometimes, just keeping them alive is all we can manage for the day.

About the Author:

LISA VALENTINE CLARK graduated with a B.S. in English from Brigham Young University. She was part of the sketch/comedy troupe The Garrens in Provo from 1995 to 2000, and co-founded the theater-as-improv troupe The Thrillionaires. She has done a variety of voiceover and acting work in independent features, including Gracie in the award-winning webseries Pretty Darn Funny, which she also writes and produces. Lisa spends most of her time in Provo with her husband, Christopher Clark. They are the parents of five children who seem to make up a unique comedy troupe all their own.

Title: Real Moms: Making It Up As We Go
Author: Lisa Valentine Clark
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Published: March 2, 2015
ISBN: 1609079965
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a review

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