Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Review: A Perfect Fit by Heather Tullis

A Perfect Fit (DiCarlo Brides #1)

Book Description:
Cami DiCarlo has always known what she wanted and where she belonged, but when her father dies, his will reveals huge secrets—four of them in the form of half sisters she never knew about—and his plans for her future, which aren’t at all what she had in mind.

She finds herself working alongside her sisters as they get ready to open the hotel for business, dealing with personality conflicts, and trying to find out who is trying to destroy the family name and ruin the hotel’s reputation before it even gets started.

Vince Talmadge, local landscape architect, seems miles away from the kind of man she usually dates, but the attraction flares between them from word one. Learning her father picked him out to be her future husband, she is not amused, but neither can she back off the path they’ve begun together. But can two people miles apart in so many ways really make things work?

Book Review: 

I wasn't actually even going to post this, because it isn't a book I would recommend to anyone, but I posted on Facebook a chance to buy this book as a boxed set with Working it Out by Rachael Anderson and Loved Like That by Julie Wright.  I erroneously thought that because it was paired with these two authors it would be an enjoyable clean read. The whole premise of the book is based on infidelity, and while none of the sisters condone it, they are looking for ways to rationalize it. There is some minor swearing in the book, and sex in it. The sex isn't explicit, but it was way more than I wanted to read about. The main character, Cami, isn't likeable at all. She is mean and angry and any time she does think about doing something nice for someone else, or think of someone else, she puts it aside because she is too busy to be nice. I will admit I am curious as to what happens with the other sisters, but not enough to read any more from this author.

So basically, I regret buying it (sad that I wasted my .99). I wouldn't recommend it, and I wouldn't read anything else from this author.