Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Reveiw: Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door by Denette Fretz, illustrated by Gene Barretta

Book Description:

I hear that becoming a cowboy can be dangerous. Especially if you don't know the rules.
I don’t know the rules.”
It’s a good thing Conrad brought his Mega Ultimate Extreme First Aid Kit to Uncle Clint’s ranch because learning how to be a cowboy turns out to be a lot harder—and more painful—than he thought. Conrad has a lot to learn – including don’t squat with spurs on and never wave your red sweatshirt at a bull. But the biggest challenge of all is dealing with Imogene Louise Lathrup, the know-it-all-cowgirl next door. When Imogene shows up, she is all too happy to point out Conrad’s shortcomings. In this follow-up to their debut hit Pirates on the Farm, author Denette Fretz and illustrator Gene Barretta team up once again to tell a humorous tale about what it means to love your neighbor.


Book Review:

I love a good children's book. Especially one that all of my children (from 9-1) will sit down and listen to (okay, not necessarily the 1 yr. old...but she sits for a little while). Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door is one of those books.  It has bright colorful pictures that are fun to look at, and they tell half the story. The language is fun and entertaining. Some of my kids favorite parts of the story were Conrads "Mega Ultimate Extreme First Aid Kid" and the part about not squatting with your spurs on :) As a parent, I liked the message about forgiveness, especially to those people who bug/hurt us the most. I'm not entirely sure that my children got that message though. They said that the most important thing was learning what the rules were and following them so you didn't get hurt...which, as a parent I approve of that too.  I guess this book is part of a series, but you can definitely read it as a stand alone. Knowing there are more to these books, it definitely makes me want to check out the rest and see if I liked them as much as I liked this one.
I think this is a book my kids will read again and again. I'm even thinking of reading it to the kids who come to story time at the library when we do our Cowboy theme.

Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door
Title: Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door
Author: Denette Fretz, illustrated by Gene Barretta
Publisher: Zonderkids
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 0310723493
Source: I received a copy from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a review.