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Book Review: Deadly Alliance by A.L. Sowards

Deadly Alliance by A.L. Sowards

Book Description:

When Peter Eddy and his commando team inadvertently upset the Soviets during their most recent mission, they never imagined the diplomatic nightmares that would ensue. They have one chance to redeem themselves: tasked with destroying a bridge in Nazi-occupied Bosnia, Peter and his war-weary team reluctantly agree to drop behind enemy lines. The assignment should be a simple one—were it not for the fact that they are being deployed on a suicide mission.

Genevieve Olivier is devastated by the news of Peter’s disappearance. After all they’ve endured in this war, the determined OSS worker is unwilling to simply let go of the man she hopes to spend her life with. Desperate for information, her work as a courier soon escalates into a counterintelligence duel with a Fascist assassin—and Genevieve is his newest target . . . 


I've really enjoyed this series by A.L. Sowards. Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres, and Sowards does a great job pulling the reader in.

I read the last book in the series, Sworn Enemy, over a year ago, so it took a little bit to get caught back up on the story through details mentioned here and there.

The story really keeps a reader interested by the twists and turns of war, and the different situations each of the characters is in. Although romance isn't the main focus of the novel, I enjoyed what was included and the connection it helped me make with the characters.

There are several separations in this book, and overall I was happy with the outcome of these. However, at one point there is a reunion between some characters that I would have loved more emotion to. The meeting was fairly rushed (even for the situation they were in), and it felt lacking given the build up. That said, it didn't kill the story for me. There are definitely some losses in the book, but it has a satisfying, happy ending.

If you like historical fiction, I highly recommend this clean series. It gives a great depiction of war without focusing on gory details.

About the Author:

Sowards is a graduate of Moses Lake High School and Brigham Young University. She swam competitively for sixteen years, including while she was in college. She found it more entertaining to think of plot ideas while following the black line up and down the bottom of the pool than having a song in her head that restarted with every flip turn. Sowards currently lives along the Wasatch front with her amazing husband and her adorable twin toddlers.

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Title: Deadly Alliance
Author: A.L. Sowards
Publisher: Covenant Communications Inc.
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 1621086909
Source: I received an eCopy from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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