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Blog Tour: Day of Defense by Scott Thormaehlen

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Day of Defense: Positive Talking Points for the Latter Days by Scott Thormaehlen

Guest Post:

I want to thank Andrea for allowing me to share a post with her friends and audience on her blog.  I spent some time in South Carolina while serving in the United States Air Force as a meteorologist.  Through my experiences with other Christians and searching online, I was exposed to a new world of how nonmembers view The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I hoped to put together a simple book that would allow investigators to quickly review their stumbling blocks or misconceptions in light of what the Church and Bible teach. 

I draw mostly from the Bible than I do from too many LDS-unique sources to allow the Bible believer to match the book they revere and are familiar with to LDS doctrines.  The publisher is Cedar Fort, Inc. in Springville, UT who publishes primarily to LDS audiences.  Therefore the book is geared to the LDS audience have to be the initial wave of individuals to be aware of this book and the ones to share it with the non-member audience. 

Each chapter begins by briefly stating the negative commentary that critics bring against Mormonism, then goes on to illustrate where and how Mormon theology fits with the Bible and in the overall historical context. This book seeks to show that the Bible covers Mormonism and to help mend the way much of the world perceives Mormonism in relation to Christianity and the ancient text. 

In the Introduction of ‘Day of Defense’, I state the purpose of my book in this way:

“The primary goal of Day of Defense is to act as a guide to help Mormons and those interested in Mormonism be aware of common misconceptions and negative commentary that create a wall between the world and the truth of the Restoration.”

I closed my introduction with this quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard:

“The growing prominence of the Church and the increasing inquiries from others present us with great opportunities to build bridges . . . and pass on accurate information. But it can also present a greater possibility of misunderstanding . . . if we allow others to define who we are and what we believe rather than presenting it ourselves” (Ballard, Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits).

Last Sunday I gave a talk in church on being in the world but not of the world.  During the research for my talk I found a quote from David O. McKay, who says:

“The solution of the great world problems is here in the Church of Jesus Christ. Ample provision is made not only for the needs of individuals, but also for the nation and groups of nations. I realize that it is a great claim. … It is simply the application of God’s plan to the world problems (Gospel Ideals, Salt Lake City: Improvement Era, 1953, p. 5).

In my final thoughts in ‘Day of Defense’, I close by saying:

“C. S. Lewis echoed Christ’s sentiments when he said, “Enemy-occupied territory—that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign of sabotage” (Lewis, 46). The great campaign of sabotage, of course, means sabotaging the tactics that Lucifer uses to divide us and keep us from becoming one as Christ’s children. As we overcome our own lustful desires, greed, envy, hatred, dishonesty, and slothfulness, we turn our worst potential as humans into positives. If we seek to be more grateful, loving, honest, giving, and responsible in all the environments, circumstances, and every-day situations we find ourselves in, then we have “overcome the world” and have become a true disciple of Christ.”

In this book I do not address Blacks and priesthood, women and the priesthood, but I briefly touch on homosexuality. I also do not get into problems people have with the Book of Abraham or specifics about early LDS polygamy.  I hope to address these in a second book that focuses on concerns that ex-mormons would find interesting. 'Day of Defense' was inspire largely from what other Bible believers misunderstood.

I believe for any Latter-day Saint, the goal of removing intellectual barriers between potential converts and the Church is a worthy and achievable goal.  I hope that all Latter-day Saints get ahold of this book and the misconceptions can make way for the Church do perform its intended purposes.  

Scott Thormaehlen

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Title: Day of Defense: Positive Talking Points for the Latter Days
Author: Scot Thormaehlen
Publisher: CFI, an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published: May 2013
ISBN: 1462111726

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