Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Sons of Prophecy by Steven W. Schmutz

Sons of Prophecy: Davian's Deception (Book 1)

Book Description:

Three to be borne upon the mount
To a woman torn from hearth
One to Greatness
One to Strength
And One to serve the Dark
Divided at birth the Three will be
Not knowing of each other
Divided by Light
Divided by Faith
Divided but ever Brothers


Pregnant and desperate, Jena Bain hid in a secluded cave high in the Jaar Mountains. She hoped to escape from the vile men who wanted her unborn child. What Jena didn’t know was that she was about to give birth to not just one, but three sons, and in so doing she would bring to pass the fulfillment of a long-awaited prophecy.
The years have passed and the three sons are now men. Davian Ul’s powers have grown and he is preparing his Dedicates to take over the Realm. The leaders of the Realm discover Davian’s plans and unite in their fight against his dark and evil purposes.
Will Davian have his way, and manipulate the prophecies for his gain? Will the Alliance of kingdoms succeed in bringing peace back to the Realm? What will happen to the three sons, who although divided at birth, are ever brothers?
Book Review:
It's been awhile since I've read a fantasy novel and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them.  Sons of Prophecy is a solid book for being a first (I'm assuming) novel and self published.  It has a great plot and an intriguing prophecy. It did take me some time to get into the book. I really struggled with Jena, and found her reactions unbelievable. Her husband and everyone she knows is slaughtered and she doesn't really do anything...doesn't feel anything. Then after she has triplets she's up and about doing loads of stuff. It just wasn't realistic. After that section I was able to enjoy the story more. However, I felt like the characters fell really flat, and that they had no dimension. All of them were either really really good or really really bad. There was no in between or realness to them. Also, while I enjoy like novels that are told from different points of view, I felt this one had too many POV's which made it distracting. It also broke up the story more than was helpful. You would get into a section and then it would switch characters and it would be a long time before you got back to what you were interested in.  By then it was almost like, "Where was I? What was happening with this character? Who is he again?"
I really appreciated that this was a clean novel that told a good story.  While there was violence, it wasn't over the top gory, the language was clean and so was the rest of the book. I appreciate authors who can write a good story and keep things clean.
Sons of Prophecy: Davian's Deception (Book 1)

Title: Sons of Prophecy: Davian's Deception (Book 1)
Publisher: Self Published
Published: July 2013
ISBN: 9781453865316
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.