Friday, December 20, 2013

Blog Tour: The Old Testament Explained by Dan Barker

Old Testament Explained blog tour

Book Description:

Don’t let the Old Testament intimidate you! Modern revelation has provided the tools we need to understand and apply this timeless scripture. By citing prophetic revelation, Dan Barker helps you reach past strange customs and difficult descriptions to feel the power of the promises in the Old Testament. This indispensable study guide will change the way you feel about this important book of scripture.

Book Review:

I had just reached a personal goal and finished the New Testament. Being pretty proud of my accomplishment I thought, "I should try the Old Testament". I admit that the Old Testament scares me. It is big, it is intimidating, and it is filled with stuff that I don't understand. So, when I got the chance to review The Old Testament Explained Through Modern Revelation I jumped at the chance. Here is my confession.  It has been slow going...really slow. So, obviously I haven't finished The Old Testament Explained because I'm using it along with my OT reading. I've liked what I've read though. Barker says, "The goal of the book is to provide a renewed appreciation for the Old Testament, modern scripture, and in-tuned Church leaders who can state, "Thus saith the Lord..." I can't honestly say I've got that appreciation yet, but I just started, and I'm hopeful that by the end I will have gained it :)

Barker also says in the book, "Our attitude, therefore toward the Scriptures should be in harmony with the purposes for which they were written." I love this statement.

I've found through my studies that this book isn't a study guide like I need.  I need more in depth explanations about certain things.  It's more of a supplement to another study guide, but I love how he uses quotes from Prophets and Apostles. That more than anything is super helpful to me as I try to figure out how to use the Old Testament in my everyday life.

About the Author:

Born in Kalispell, Montana, Dan enjoyed a farmer’s life until he was four when his parents moved to Calgary, Alberta, and made a city slicker out of him. Dan had the privilege of spending the “best two years” of his life in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. He currently serves as the second assistant in his high priest group. (However, he occasionally skips Sunday School to be with Kate and play with the kids in the nursery.)

Dan and Kate married thirty-two years ago in the Cardston Alberta Temple and have six great children and soon-to-be fifteen grandchildren. He never forgot his country roots. Always wishing for the outdoors, Dan graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor of science and enjoyed a brief career in forestry. He is now currently employed with Nestles. Barker is the author of Leaders, Managers, and Blue Collar Perceptions; Unique Stories & Facts from LDS History; Mormon History 101; and Little- Known Stories about the Doctrine and Covenants.

Title: The Old Testament Explained Through Modern Revelation
Author: Dan Barker
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Published: Nov 2013
ISBN: 978-1462112074
Source: I received an eCopy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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