Friday, December 6, 2013

Blog Tour: I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring by Robert Eaton & Henry J. Eyring

Book Description:

In 1970, Henry B. Eyring (known to all as “Hal” because his mother didn’t care for the name “Henry”) received an impression to make a daily record of his activities. Years of his journals form the backbone of this intimate biography, a candid look at his walk through life with his beloved companion, Kathy. “The journal shows how a good-but-imperfect man works each day to win divine approval,” write the authors, and this window into his past provides unforgettable insights about the man the Lord has shaped him to become. Henry B. Eyring’s professional, academic, and personal experiences all combined to make him uniquely qualified for the responsibilities that would become his. And Kathy, always at his side, matching his intellect and spirituality, has influenced him profoundly and contributed to his life mission in unmatchable ways. Their story, told largely in his own words, vividly demonstrates the power of the Lord and the example set by one who strives to follow His commands. 


Five hundred and sixty pages of non-fiction is a bit of a daunting read for a fiction lover like myself, but I was interested to learn more about Henry B. Eyring. I've listened to him speak for years, but I only knew the basics about him.

Biographies usually take me quite awhile to read, and I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring is no exception to this. But that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed what I've learned. The book starts out with background about Henry's parents. I knew his father was a well-known scientist, but I didn't realize all that he'd done. His mother was quite amazing too, especially in regard to the higher education she received.

Quite a bit of detail is given to things Henry studied or worked on professionally. These parts didn't hold my attention as much as the more personal aspects, but you can see how they impacted his life.

The book doesn't spend a lot of time on Henry and Kathleen's courtship, but it was fun learning about both of their backgrounds, and reading about how they met and raised their children.

The journal excerpts, pictures, and sketches have been my favorite parts of I Will Lead You Along. Henry has lead an exceptional life, and is quite an accomplished person, but what has really stood out to me is his desire to be a good family man. The accounts of the activities with his kids are entertaining, and eye opening to some great parenting ideas. The book includes some of his mistakes, and really helps a reader relate to him.

Title: I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring
Authors: Robert Eaton & Henry J. Eyring
Publisher: Deseret Book Inc.
Published: 2013
ISBN: 1609077830
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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