Monday, April 15, 2013

Blog Tour: How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces by Rebecca Rode

Blog Tour

When I first heard about How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces, I immediately related to a quote that was shared about a (frazzled) mom needing some peace. Motherhood has been a great joy in my life, but there are definitely ups and downs, and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling a need for some peace.

Reading How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces was almost like having a good vent session with a friend. Author Rebecca Rode shared some of her faults and frustrations (some very relateable), and it was a positive experience with quotes, scripture verses, and ideas that buoy a mother up.

I particularly enjoyed the reminder about having a judgment free zone. Our kids need to feel comfortable and confident in their own homes! The chapter on "Control Baskets" went right along with the judgment. We can only control ourselves.

Some of the biggest issues that arise in my home come from disorder. The "House of Order" chapter and the idea of having everyone help was great. Although I don't like doing most of the housework, I've really struggled to let go because I want things done my way (and the bar is pretty high). It's good to have reminders about teaching your children while they're young to work together as a family. I need to let go of the fact that if I want help, it probably won't be done as well as I like, but there's never a chance for that if I don't teach them and let go a little. It was also nice to be reminded that "the relationship is more important than the task."

One of Rode's suggestions for peace that struck me was about being content:

"Peace lies in being content with what we have, not in crossing over to the neighbor's greener grass. I love the saying, 'The grass isn't greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it!

"Let's find a bucket and go to work."

How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces is a great reminder of a mother's divine role. We all have our shortcomings, but we are not alone in this great work.

*I received a copy of How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces from the publisher in exchange for a review.

About the Book

What’s the hardest part about being a mother? Almost every woman will say the same thing: juggling the demands of motherhood and still finding the time to feel calm and collected. How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces answers the specific question, “How can I have inner peace as a mother when I feel so scattered?”

With humor, wit, and helpful insights, Rebecca Rode brings a fresh perspective on the demands of everyday moms. Filled with uplifting stories, poems, quotes, and scriptures, This book explores seven aspects of motherhood and teaches you how to find peace in the turmoil. The quick-fix wisdom in this helpful mother’s guide will have even the busiest moms feeling peaceful in no time.
About the Author

Rebecca Rode caught the writing bug early in life, writing and illustrating stories in small journals her mother gave her at age nine. Her first published work was a personal essay about Romanian orphans, printed in Brigham young University’s literary publication, Inscape. She received her bachelor’s degree from BYU in child development with a minor in english. Rebecca began writing for Schooled magazine in 2006. In 2011, she became a contributor for, a Utah broadcasting network website, and the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces is her first book. Rebecca enjoys traveling, eating authentic Italian gelatos, and indulging her husband’s chocolate-banana shakes. Her greatest loves are her husband, Francis, their three children, and writing— in that order.