Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: An Unlikely Match by Sarah M. Eden

I've read several books by Sarah M. Eden, and they have been wonderfully entertaining. While I was excited to read her new novel, An Unlikely Match, I'd heard it involved a ghost, and I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that she'd be able to pull off one of her awesome romances when one of the main characters was dead. But, pull it off she did! An Unlikely Match totally exceeded my expectations! It was delightful, with excellent characters, and I was very happy to discover that the only possible solution to this unlikely romance was not, in fact, the only possible solution.

This is a pretty short book, but it is PACKED with emotion. I can't even described how distraught I became when it seemed that hope was lost. I also laughed many times at the banter between Nickolas and Gwen.

I will admit that the Welsh names totally threw me. I tried really hard to "pronounce" them the way they were meant to be pronounced, but that just held me up. I eventually gave up on trying to get it right so it read more smoothly. This aspect helped me bond with Nickolas a bit though (he wasn't good at Welsh either).

There is some predictability, but also some great twists. An Unlikely Match is an excellent romance that I highly recommend.