Monday, August 27, 2012

The 13: Fall

When former black ops specialist turned CIA operative Jonathan Keene is summoned to the White House, he’s not sure what to expect. And neither is FBI agent Megan Taylor. Together, they learn they’ll be working with former military chaplain Boz Hamilton to track down a man claiming to bear a message from God about the imminent downfall of the United States. But Keene isn’t buying the hype surrounding the so-called Prophet and would prefer to track down the terrorist alone.

As the three of them traverse the country and the globe in search of the Prophet, they’re led deeper down a path of deception and dead ends. Then news of the sudden disappearance of law enforcement officers along the US–Mexico border surfaces and casts a disturbing light on recent events. Suddenly they’re called to join a battle against an enemy no one saw coming.

As the US is pushed into a situation it hasn’t seen since its inception, a conflict awaits that will test the foundations of the country. . .and force Keene to face a past and faith he’d rather leave buried.

The story was pretty intense, and the interaction between the team members was great. There is a lot of action, especially near the end (which isn't the end of the story-this is the first book in a series). At times the details about the military equipment was a bit much, but overall I enjoyed the story. The idea that as a country we've lost focus on what is truly important was quite thought provoking. The references to previous presidencies and what they'd done to the country was also interesting.

Thanks to NetGalley and Barbour Books for the opportunity to read this ARC.