Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just One Wish

Annika's life hasn't been the same since doctors discovered that her six-year-old brother, Jeremy, has a brain tumor. He is about to have surgery, and Annika hopes that if she can convince him to think positively, he'll pull through. Her plan backfires somewhat when Jeremy wishes for something unexpected, but that doesn't stop her from ditching school and leaving the state to track down Jeremy's favorite TV character (Teen Robin Hood) to teach him archery.

I was drawn into this story right from the get-go (who can't relate to Day-After-Thanksgiving crowds?).

Annika may have been a tad unbalanced, but love and desperation make people do crazy things. She excels at early morning shopping, and running from large, angry men. She's bold, daring, sneaky, not afraid of pythons, and is proficient in archery.

Madison is such an excellent best friend. I love how she wouldn't let Annika go on her crazy journey alone.

Steve was a bit hard to read at first (he is, after all, an actor). When all was said and done, I liked him.

Just One Wish touches on many different emotions, and is a great ride!