Monday, July 2, 2012

At the Journey's End

At the Journey's End At the Journey's End tells about Abe and Mattie. Both have had major heartbreak that is holding them back from moving on with their lives. They end up being part of a group traveling from Snowflake, Arizona, to Saint George, Utah, and their time together creates a strong friendship and more. As much as both of them want to move forward, there are several issues that they have to overcome in order to find true happiness.

I was drawn in by the intense emotions in the prologue, and found the issues addressed throughout the story very interesting (early life in the West, prejudices, etc.). I also enjoyed the historical tidbits included in the story, and Notes at the end of the book. Abe, Mattie, and the other characters in the book were well done. I felt for them, and hoped that they'd find happiness.

I won a copy of At the Journey's End, but was a little hesitant to put it at the front of my to-read pile because I was disappointed with the ending of its predecessor, House on the Hill. Although I read that a couple of years ago, I am happy to say that At the Journey's End resolves the issue I noted in my review for House on the Hill.