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Pretty Much Perfect by Sally Johnson

Book Description:

Camille Weston, a recently returned missionary, anticipates returning to college for her degree and perhaps to meet a nice guy. A sensible young woman with her future mapped out, Camille would never do something dangerous—like pick up a stranger on the side of the road. And yet, inexplicably, she does just that. This is one split-second decision that changes everything.

Determined to lend assistance, Camille gets more than she bargains for when she is roped into helping Liam, a handsome British man, with more than just a ride. As they are thrown together over the coming days and their mutual attraction grows, they realize they just . . . click. That is, until she makes a shocking discovery: the mysterious stranger is William Liam Jones, lead singer of the popular band Gear. Camille has never been one to swoon over a celebrity, and she knows her and Liam's lifestyles could never be compatible. But how can she convince her heart to listen to logic?

Rorie's Review:

"You realize you don't have any pants on?" I asked as I rolled the window down.

How could you NOT like a book that starts out this way? It had me laughing quite a lot with little quips like this throughout the story. I liked Camille and Liam right off the bat. Their characters were so...real. Camille's parents were a hoot too. Imagine your parents letting some complete stranger basically move in because he's stranded.

The relationship between Camille and Liam developed in a quirky but fun way, although I really wanted to shake Camille a few times to get her to start trusting a little bit more. I can completely understand her hesitation with getting involved in a relationship with Liam though, based on their very different lifestyles. I really appreciate how she was able to stick with her values, even when "no one would know." But it still made me roll my eyes that she was so quick to accuse him of wrong doing, instead of trusting him.

One complaint I had with this story was the way the police were portrayed. Camille has three interactions with them throughout the book, and every single one of them made the officer out to be the big, scary bad guy. That bugs me. Police aren't the bad guys. They're there to protect us from the bad guys.

Anyway, aside from that complaint, I LOVED this story. It made me laugh, it made me cry, there was humor and some really heartfelt moments. Definitely one that I will be reading again.

Andrea's Review:

My sister started reading Pretty Much Perfect before I did, and she texted '"For a guy I'd picked up off the side of the road in his underwear, he sure could come off as a pretty normal, very likeable guy." If the rest of the book is this funny, I'm hooked! 😁'. That quote from the book and her reaction definitely had me intrigued.

With expectations super high (and the fear of potentially being let down that comes with that), I was happy that I was pulled right into the story. I liked the interactions between Camille and Liam from the get-go. Their meeting was random and pretty funny. I really liked that Camille was oblivious to who Liam was for quite awhile (they both needed that in order to really get to know each other).

Once the truth came out the mood of the story changed quite a bit, and honestly I missed the humor that was replaced with angst. I think Camille's feelings were realistic given the situation, but the yo-yo of feelings wasn't as fun to read about. Don't get me wrong, it didn't ruin the story, but I just didn't devour the second half like I did the first half.

I like the cover. It would catch my attention in a bookstore. Although, I don't recall the story saying that Liam played guitar (did it? Sometimes in my rush to read an awesome story I skip over little details) and Camille didn't play either, so I was a little distracted as I read wondering when the guitar was going to come into play.

Pretty Much Perfect is a clean read. Overall, I enjoyed the story and I can see myself reading it again. I would also read more by this author.

Tarah's Review:

I was hooked the moment I picked this book up! I was laughing and shaking my head at the absurdity of picking up some random stranger in his underwear. I loved the old man jeans and the funny clothes. Sadly, I had to put the book down to finish some other things, and even more sadly when I picked the book up again the humorous portion was over. I was really in the mood for a funny novel, so I was slightly disappointed by that. You know that feeling where you want a book for a certain mood? Anyway, the first bit totally hit the nail on the head, and then because of my mood the rest of the story was slightly a let down. Not because of the writing or anything, it was totally a mood thing. Plus, had I been thinking about this authors previous book that I read The Skeleton in my Closet Wears a Wedding Dress I would have been prepared for the emotions in this novel. Honestly, I'm surprised Liam lasted as long as he did and was as patient as he was. The back and forth was a little hard on my emotions.

All that being said, I loved the ending. I think too often in our search for happily ever after we jump too fast into things, and I loved how this story ended. It was exactly right, and it made me happily sigh as I closed the book.

I will definitely recommend this to my book reading friends who like contemporary LDS romance, and I will be reading more from this author as well.
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  Title: Pretty Much Perfect
Author: Sally Johnson
Publisher: Covenant Communications Inc.
Published: July 2018
ISBN: 152440392X
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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