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Blog Tour: Ruth by H.B. Moore

Book Description:

Master storyteller and best-selling author H. B. Moore brings to life the biblical account of Ruth as never before in this vivid retelling of her courageous and faithful life.
Following the death of Ruth's husband, she finds herself at a crossroads. Rather than return to her family and hometown, the young widow makes a remarkable decision: she will remain with her mother-in-law, Naomi, as her caretaker and companion.
Together, the two widows boldly leave behind the lives they knew in the land of Moab and make their way to Bethlehem, arriving downtrodden and destitute. Though Ruth works day and night to provide for Naomi, it is ultimately through the kindness and generosity of Boaz that the two women find respite from their trials. As Ruth comes to know Boaz, she finds that her broken heart is beginning to heal in ways she could never have imagined. But when a question of inheritance threatens any hope of a life with Boaz, Ruth may have to give up the last piece of her heart in order to secure her future.

Rorie's Review:

I probably sound like a broken record when I type this, but I enjoy reading historical fiction. It makes me think more about events that happened long ago, and helps me feel closer to the people involved.
H.B. Moore does a great job at bringing the story of Ruth to life. The reader experiences her sorrows, her feelings of inadequacy, and her joy. The supporting characters enhance the story as well...Naomi, Dan, the family of Boaz, and Ruth's new-found friends.
I was intrigued by the whole tradition of covering a male's feet and sleeping at his feet to show you wanted to marry him. This is something I'd like to research more, as well as having to go through the direct descendants in order to marry when you're a widow.
All in all, this is a very good story, one I would recommend to anyone, especially those who love having history come to life.

Andrea's Review:

I became a fan of H.B. Moore’s several years ago when I received Abinadi as a Christmas present. I really liked how she brought that familiar scripture story to life, and I quickly read all the other stories of her’s that my library carried. 

Ruth is a very nice addition H.B. Moore’s published scriptural stories. I have know the basics of Ruth’s story for as long as I can remember-after they lose everything, Ruth decides to accompany her mother-in-law wherever she will go. 

It took me awhile to get into the story (and every time I read the name of Ruth’s cousin, I thought it said Oprah 😆), but eventually I was intrigued about what would happen to Naomi and Ruth, and what would happen with Boaz.

I’m curious to dive into the biblical story to compare it to Moore’s fictitious version, and I like that Moore’s writing makes me want to learn more and study.

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