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Blog Tour: Right Next to Me by Rachel Ward

Right Next to Me by Rachel Ward

Book Description:

The only thing Sydney doesn’t love about her new college life is the fact that her amazing boyfriend, Gavin, is all the way across the country at Yale. When she returns home for break, Sydney quickly discovers there’s more to her relationship with her best friend, James, than she thought. Now she’s faced with an impossible choice: her perfect boyfriend or the perfectly flawed boy who has loved her all along.

Andrea's Review:

Right Next to Me is a cute story, and a fast read. Most chapters included a flashback to events that showed how James had been a big part of Sydney's life (things that she didn't realize were significant at the time). I liked that the story built up to a potential relationship between Sydney and James. Friendship is a great foundation for a relationship, and we got to see what great guy James was. I felt bad for his struggle of liking Sydney so long and not feeling like he could do anything since his best friend was dating her. I also felt for Sydney when she felt somewhat stuck in a long distance relationship with Gavin. She didn't want to hurt him.

Right Next to Me is a clean and entertaining read that I'd probably read again.

Rorie's Review:

This was a quick read, and I really liked it. We get to know a lot more about the relationship between Sydney and James than we do with her and Gavin. That being said, I liked both boys. She had a good relationship with Gavin, but a better one with James (even though she didn't see it for the longest time.) 
A lot of Sydney's decisions with her relationships with both boys stemmed from her experiences with her dad, and her resulting feelings of betrayal. 
This story couldn't continue on without someone getting hurt. It actually made me sad because I liked all of the main characters so much. This book doesn't have a "riding off into the sunset, living happily ever after" ending, but it does have a realistic ending and I'm good with that.

Tarah's Review:

The inner teenager in me loved this book. It was a really quick fun read that made me wonder if my teenage self is more apart of me than I originally thought :) It also made me super glad that I am past my teenage phase (you couldn't pay me enough to go back and redo high school....and I enjoyed high school) and married to a wonderful man.

This is one of those books though that you want to smack Sydney and tell her to wake up and open her eyes. For the reader her situation is obvious, but living it I can see how it would not be as apparent.

There were things I liked, and things I didn't (vague enough for you?) but I'm going to hold on to this book for my girls when they get a little older. It's definitely something I wouldn't mind them reading.

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  • Title: Right Next to Me
    Author: Rachel Ward
    Publisher: Bonneville Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort Inc.
    Published: August 2017
    ISBN: 1462121012
    Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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