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Blog Tour: Havencross by Julie Daines

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Havencross by Julie Daines

Book Description:

When a shocking scandal involving her father spreads through London society, Elaine Cardinham and her parents are forced to retreat to their country home in Cornwall for refuge. But Havencross is no sanctuary for Elaine. She is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her brother—and the heartbreak she left in her wake all those years ago. It has been five long years since Gareth Kemp last saw Elaine—when she rejected his marriage proposal. Her reappearance convinces him of one thing: he has never stopped loving her. To put his feelings for her aside, he focuses his attention on the dangerous smuggling plaguing the Cornish coast. As Elaine attempts to run from her past, she ventures ever closer to a dangerous truth—and Gareth may be the only one who can save her from a deadly finish.

Andrea's Review:

Havencross was a perfect summer read. I was initially drawn in by the cover (it would definitely catch my attention at a bookstore or library), but my attention was held by the details that unfolded about the past.

The story was fast paced and very intriguing. Elaine's family flees London in shame, and hopes they've gone far enough to avoid the scandal. But being back at Havencross has its own challenges.

I really liked Elaine. We don’t get to know her parents well, but what we learn isn’t very favorable. It seems that the heartbreaking loss of Elaine’s brother years before really changed the family dynamic. And then there’s the lack of communication that drags the family down.

Gareth was a great character. He and his family seemed so down to earth and pretty much the opposite of Elaine’s family.

This was a very enjoyable, clean story that I would read again.

Rorie's Review:

I absolutely loved Eleanor and the Iron King, so I was excited to review the newest book by Julie Daines. 
Starting off, I am always amazed when I read about how much an entire family's social standing can be affected by one person's actions during this time period. I mean, maybe we do that to a small extent these days, but I don't think it's anything like it was back then. (At least I hope it isn't!)
This was a good book, but there wasn't anything that really jumped out at me as something that I loved. I was able to put this book down and not be anxious to get back to it and continue the story. That being said, I was completely surprised by who some of the bad guys turned out to be. 
This was the second book in a few week's time that involved smuggling along the coast. I didn't realize how big of an issue it was back then. It was pretty interesting learning more about it from both stories. 
While I didn't absolutely love this book, I still really enjoy this author's writing, and can't wait to read what she comes up with next.

Tarah's Review:

This book really hit the spot for me. I was thoroughly entertained the whole read, and will definitely be reading it again. I think it was probably because of the story. It was just a good story. The writing wasn't the best I have ever read, but the story makes up for anything that may be lacking.

I wasn't super surprised by the bad guy, but I loved the two main characters. Gareth is a keeper in my book :) I was surprised by the different mysteries that popped up, and I loved the mythological/supernatural (?) element to this book.

I'll be passing this book around to my reading friends, and I'll be reading it again pretty soon.

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Title: Havencross
Author: Julie Daines
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published: August 2017
ISBN: 1524403326
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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