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Blog Tour: Mormon Girl: Incognito by Kari Iroz

Book Description:

Hilarious heroine Jacklyn Wyatt is back—this time in a dicey Vegas adventure! Jacklyn “Jack” Wyatt is just your average Mormon girl—other than her brief stint with the FBI, her subsequent brush with death, and her dreamy boyfriend, Special Agent Damon Wade. But in the eight months since she helped save a kidnapping victim, Jack’s life has returned to its mostly stagnant state. She’s still trapped in a dead-end job, and even her relationship seems to be stuck in a rut. These days, adventures are few and far between. So when Damon heads to Las Vegas on assignment, Jack sees the perfect opportunity to surprise her boyfriend and rekindle the spark in their relationship. But the surprise is on her: she has just landed herself in the middle of a high-stakes operation involving Russian criminals. Unwittingly drawn undercover once more, Jack is all too aware that the survival of Damon and his associates depends on the success of her charade. In the unfamiliar world of luxurious limos, exclusive nightclubs, and gambling, Jack must convince the high-rolling hustlers that she is a terrifying international arms dealer. If only she knew anything about poker. Or guns . . .

Andrea's Review:

I absolutely loved Kari Iroz's book, A Date with Danger, so I jumped at the opportunity to review her new book, Mormon Girl: Incognito. It's a sequel to A Date with Danger, but I think you could probably enjoy it on its own (but, really, A Date with Danger is so hilarious that you should definitely read it if you haven't).

Jack (short for Jacklyn-her name bugged me in the first book, but eventually I got over the girl going by a guy's name) seems to be a bit lost. She's taking her time with school and works in retail. She has dreams of a future with her boyfriend, but he doesn't seem like he's ready for the next step. She steps out of her comfort zone to surprise him, and it really backfires on her when she steps in the middle of an op. But, her true colors really come out when she's willing to help even though her life could be at risk.

There is  a lot of humor in this book, and while I wasn't laughing out loud nearly as often in this book as I did with A Date with Danger, I still thought it made for an entertaining story. It kept the serious aspects from being too heavy.

I liked the characters and the overall story. The romance was clean and felt realistic. This is a fun story that I can see myself reading again. I'm also looking forward to reading A Date within Danger again.

Tarah's Review:

There is just something about these books that just pulls me in right away. Both A Date with Danger and this one I wasn't even going to start reading yet, but I opened to the first page to skim and didn't end up putting it down until I was finished. Which is awesome for a book, but not so awesome for my house and my children :)

My one complaint with this book was Damon's use of "Babe." Now I don't really mind the use of this word as a term of endearment. I occasionally use "babe" myself, but his use of it was completely over the top. It wasn't a once or twice thing, it was ALL THE TIME and it made me want to gag.

If you are looking for a clean suspense/funny novel, then I would recommend Mormon Girl: Incognito. That being said, I think you probably need to read A Date with Danger first to really understand the dynamic between Damon and Jack. There are lots of references to the first book. It actually made me want to go back and reread that one, which I did.

This is an LDS specific novel (if you couldn't tell from the title :) ) Content wise the setting is in Vegas (which the author had a whole different view of that city than I do) and there is alcohol, gun dealers, hit men, kissing and mild violence. It looks like a lot, but it is woven into the storyline as Jack goes undercover to stop these bad people and I would still consider it clean.

Another winner for Kari Iroz! Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Rorie's Review:

I absolutely loved the first book with Jack and Damon when I reviewed it. Kari's tongue-in-cheek humor made me laugh out loud over and over again. This book was no exception. 
Before I get to the good though, let me get a few petty annoyances out of the way. 1) Damon's use of the word "babe." It didn't fit his personality from the first book, and it kind of grated on me every time he used it. 2) The description of how long it took to get from the airport to the casino. I lived in Vegas for five years, and while I avoided the Strip whenever possible, I do know that you don't have to drive through the ghetto part of the Strip to get from the airport to the Bellagio, and it's not that far from the airport to that part of the Strip anyway. If Jack really did take that long of a drive to get there, her cab driver was seriously scamming her. 
All that aside, I really enjoyed the story. Jack has quite a knack at getting herself into crazy trouble. And I loved her inner dialogue. While I liked Damon's character in the first book better, I liked seeing a more vulnerable side of him in this story. And I was happy to get to "meet" his mom and sister for the first time too. They were such likeable people, I hope they show up in future stories (I'm hoping there are future stories with Jack and Damon. There really should be.)
I like how the author intertwines spiritual things, such as praying, in the story - not making a big production out of it, but just having it be an important part of Jack's life. Kind of a good lesson for all of us, I think. 
Like I said above, I love Kari's style of writing, and can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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