Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review: Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills

Deep Extraction (FBI Task Force #2)
Book Description:

A pacemaker should have saved oil and gas magnate Nathan Moore's life. Instead, it provided his killer with a seemingly perfect means of execution.A bombing at one of Nathan's oil rigs days earlier indicates his death could be part of a bigger conspiracy, a web Special Agent Tori Templeton must untangle. But her first order of business is separating the personal from the professional--the victim's wife, her best friend, is one of the FBI's prime suspects.Clearing Sally's name may be the biggest challenge of her career, but Tori finds an unexpected ally in the newest member of the task force, recently reinstated Deputy US Marshal Cole Jeffers. As Tori and Cole dig deeper into Nathan's personal and business affairs, they uncover more than they bargained for. And the closer they get to finding the real killer--and to each other--the more intent someone is on silencing them for good. 

Book Review:

I don't know. I'm probably a little alone in this, and maybe because I wasn't in the mood for this book, but it didn't really seem up to Mills usual standard.  I found it hard to follow. The writing just wasn't smooth and seemless. A lot of it was a little confusing. There was a lot going on, and sometimes that is really great, but it just didn't....mesh. Maybe it was the content. I don't love stories about affairs and cheating spouses. Maybe it was because I didn't really love any of the characters.  Tori and Cole weren't anything that stick with you and make you want to pretend you could be just like them. Normally a book like this will grab me and pull me in and I'll read it late into the night, but I took days to finish this. I had no problems putting it down and picking up something else.

It's book two in the series, and I don't remember reading book one so I can't say if any of the characters cross over or anything like that. I wasn't lost, and it didn't seem like a series so it could definitely be read as a standalone.

It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I was expecting or wanting. I won't be rereading this, but I will keep trying this author since I like her other stuff.

Deep Extraction (FBI Task Force #2)
Title: Deep Extraction
Author: DiAnn Mills
Publisher: Tyndale House
Published: April 2017
ISBN: 149641098X
Source: I received an eCopy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.