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Blog Tour: J. Golden Kimball: The Remarkable Man Behind the Colorful Stories by Kathryn Jenkins Gordon


Book Description:

He is J. Golden Kimball, and when he is gone, there will never be another. He was the original product, and when Providence had finished him, the pattern was lost and never found again. LDS Church history is comprised of the accounts of multitudes of men and women who set the groundwork for the Church. And while there are plenty of ordinary individuals woven into that patchwork of history, there are also a handful of unique individuals who enliven the past and provide inspiration for the future. Known as the "swearing Apostle," J. Golden Kimball is just such a character, one whose legacy of colorful language is surpassed only by his fierce loyalty to the gospel.
In J. Golden Kimball: Little-known Insights into a Remarkable Man of God, readers are invited to come to better know this legendary man made famous by his unique humor and powerful testimony. From a chronicle of Kimball's youthful adventures to the legacy he forged in his more than forty years as a General Authority, gear up for a rollicking ride through the life of one of the liveliest servants of the Lord.


This book reads more like a blog post than a novel. Lots of side remarks by the author in parentheses. (Not that this is a bad thing. It's exactly how I write.) (See? Just like that.:-))
The author did a good job bringing the reader into J. Golden Kimball's life, helping us get to know him better. Before reading this book, the only thing I really knew about him was that he had a bit of a foul mouth. And that point is brought home time and again in this book. But we also get to learn about how strong his faith and devotion to the gospel were, something I think is much more important to focus on.
I love the quote from Elder Hugh B. Brown near the end of the book where he says "He has kept a sense of humor in the Church, and believes the "trip to Heaven" should be a joyous one. Every group is made happier by his presence, and when he leaves us the angels will greet him with a smile."
I'm glad I had the opportunity to read this book so that I could better come to know this remarkable man.
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