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Blog Tour: Petticoat Spy by Carol Warburton

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Petticoat Spy by Carol Warburton

Book Description:

Colonial Massachusetts, 1775

Abigail Stowell is a rarity for her time. The comely young woman is educated, outspoken, and attuned to the charged political climate around her. She is a staunch Patriot. In short, she is a rebel. So when Gideon Whitlock, an avowed Tory, rides into her village, Abby is not only put off by his politics and arrogance but is also annoyed by her undeniable attraction to him.

When she observes a clandestine meeting between her Patriot father and Gideon, Abby soon realizes that in a world divided by loyalties, not everything is as it seems. Soon she is drawn deeper into political intrigue than she ever dreamed possible. And just as feelings begin to heat up between Abby and Gideon, the shot heard round the world ignites the beginning of war between the colonists and the British redcoats. There is no time for hesitation, and Abby finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue, treachery, and terror. Lives hang in the balance, and Abby will stop at nothing to support the Patriot movement—but will her allegiance to the cause mean losing the man she loves?

Rorie's Review:

Abigail (Abby) is refreshing in a world where women were supposed to be seen and not heard (although I'm thinking that was more the case overseas, but not quite as bad in the colonies...I could be wrong though.) While she still had manners (everyone should) she wasn't afraid to voice her opinion, or even help out the Patriot cause when necessary, even if it meant putting her life in danger.

I don't know that I would make a very good spy. I would be so nervous that someone would discover me that I'd probably give myself away. Thankfully, Abby made a much better spy than I ever would. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live in the house of someone who used to be a friend, but is now set on destroying not only the cause that you believe in, but also your family.

I loved how Abby took care of Aunt Caroline, and how she could not have done it without the continued help of some of the household staff, all characters that I really enjoyed. I also appreciated the bits of history that were woven into the story. And while it really didn't play a very big part in the book, her relationship with Gideon was enjoyable. This is a book that I recommend.

Andrea's Review:

I really enjoyed Petticoat Spy by Carol Warburton. The Colonial Period isn't one that I've read many novels from, but it was very interesting watching the events unfold as the Patriots built their cause to fight for their freedom from England.

Warburton wrote some excellent characters. Abby is my favorite type of character (one who doesn't fit the mold). Although extremely dangerous, her courage to join the cause and to hide in plain site (who would expect a woman of being a spy?) was admirable. A few times I worried that she was taking too many chances that might cause more harm than good, but it all worked out in the end. Her dedication to Caroline was also heartwarming as she saw a need (much greater than she expected before she arrived) and she put a lot of focus into helping her.

I also really enjoyed Gideon and the other characters, like Prudence Blood. This was a very entertaining story, and one that I can see myself reading again.

If you enjoy historical fiction, give Petticoat Spy a try.

Tarah's Review:

Is is sad that I didn't think I would like this book based on the cover? Yes, yes it is. Especially because I did enjoy it.  I found it to be a quick, clean, enjoyable read.  I even enjoyed the fictional afterward in the book. I had never seen one of those before (I mean a fictional one...I've seen real afterwards). But I found that it very nicely answered lingering questions without being drawn out or taking away from the book.

I think Abby's character was well written. She wasn't perfect and sometimes I didn't know if I liked her, or just thought her silly, but other times I thought she was awesome. She was written in a way that seemed real to me, and I enjoyed that.

I wish we could have had more from Gideon (Can I take a tangent here and state that every time I hear that name I think of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? He was my favorite brother in that musical....cute awkward Gideon). I get why we don't see much of him, but I enjoyed him and so I wished he would have made more appearances in the novel.

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