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Blog Tour: To Win a Lady's Heart by Sian Ann Bessey

Book Description:

For eighteen years, Lord Gilbert has been tortured over a grievous lapse in judgment. Bitterness has
tainted his interactions with the people of Moreland and his relationship with his only daughter, Lady

With a wolfhound guarding her around the clock and no freedom to leave the castle grounds
unattended, the only time Lady Joanna can be alone is when she sneaks out through an old castle tunnel to visit the healer Agnes in her cottage by the sea. One morning as Lady Joanna approaches the cliffs, she discovers an injured man. She immediately goes to Agnes for help. The wounded stranger is Sir Lukas, and while he recovers, he makes plans to identify his attackers and their motive. Upon learning that Moreland’s wool has been stolen, Sir Lukas comes to believe that the crimes are related and point to a much more sinister plot. 

When Lord Gilbert announces an archery tournament, the prize being Lady Joanna’s hand in marriage, it attracts noblemen from across the land, and suddenly Sir Lukas’s pursuit of the villains takes a different turn. As Lady Joanna and Sir Lukas’s feelings for each other grow, the stakes soar, and only Sir Lukas’s skill with a longbow can save them.

Andrea's Review:

This was a very enjoyable story. It's not very long, but in relatively few pages the author does a great job of developing characters that make a reader care about them. Lady Joanna had such a sad and lonely upbringing and I really liked Agnes, Slip and Garrick for the role they played in her life.

It has been awhile since I read a medieval story, and it was a fun ride. This is a clean, fast read with a bit of mystery/suspense. The romance is well done (and reminded me a bit of Robin Hood).

Tarah's Review:

Okay, this cover is seriously beautiful. Not only is the cover beautiful, but the story matches in every way. It is a very fast quick read. It's 250 pages, but it feels a lot faster. Another thing I appreciated was the glossary in the front of the book. I knew most of the terms, I think most people would, but there were a few surprises, like "Waghalter"..

I loved how the book started with Joanna's father, back in the day. It sets up the story nicely so we understand the whys of things. The characters might not have been the deepest, but they were easy to love and the story keeps you captivated. This is a story that I will be telling my friends about and recommending that they read.

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To Win a Lady's Heart
Title: To Win a Lady's Heart
Author: Sian Ann Bessey
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Published: November 2016
ISBN: 9781524401528
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.