Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book Review: God is Watching Over You by P.J. Lyons illustrated by Tim Warnes

God is Watching Over You
Book Description:

As a follow up to their bestselling Thank You, Lord, for Everything, P.J. Lyons and Tim Warnes have created a sweet and relaxing padded cover board book that tells the story of God’s constant presence around you. Meant to be read at night, when a child is warm and snug in their bed, the rhyming text and adorable illustrations in God Is Watching Over You gently remind us that God is constantly watching over us, protecting us, and caring for us

Book Review:

My two youngest were excited to get this book in the mail today, and insisted that we read it right away. We actually read it completely through twice, and then my youngest kept picking certain parts and saying, "Read that!" I asked them (5 and 3 year olds) what they liked about the book and my five year old said, "God is watching over you." I asked if she liked saying that over and over, but she said, "No...the words." So I think it was pretty meaningful to her to hear that Heavenly Father is watching out for her. Gotta love that connection as a parent. I also loved the rhymes. I'm a sucker for those, and these were done well. I appreciated that it came in a padded board book format. I was also watching a one year old and another five year old at the time, and I wasn't worried at all when the one year old grabbed it and started playing with it. I think it's important for kids, but especially young ones, to look at and play with books as much as possible, but when pages or ripped or torn it makes me cringe inside, so I'm a huge fan of padded board books.

The description says that this book is meant to be read at night, but honestly, why wait? It's a cute story, and if you're kids are bringing it to you, have at it :)

God is Watching Over You
Title: God is Watching Over You
Author: P.J. Lyons
Illustrator: Tim Warnes
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Published: March 2016
ISBN:  031074881X
Source: I received a copy from BookLook Bloggers for an honest review