Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blog Tour: When I'm a Missionary by Merrilee Boyack Illustrated by Brian Call

Book Description:

Lacey and Julian's brother has just returned from his mission, and they're excited that he's home again and excited to learn how to be missionaries themselves. With help from their older brother, parents, and extended family, the children practice some of the skills and habits they will need as full-time missionaries. From dressing appropriately for church to serving others, and from daily scripture study to learning basic skills for cooking, cleaning, and even sewing buttons on clothing, they discover how preparing to be a missionary can start with the things they do every day. Follow the adventures of Lacey and Julian as they discover the challenges and the rewards of missionary service and learn all about becoming great missionaries.

Book Review:

It's never too early to start your children thinking about going on a mission. Not only thinking about going on a mission, but actually preparing them to go. Part of the book mentioned that if the missionary already knows how to take care of themselves, then they can focus more on sharing the gospel. I think it would be extremely overwhelming to be put in such a situation where you were not only adjusting to being away from home in a new place, but learning to fend for yourself as well.

My favorite part of the book was the part that said, "Let's keep trying to keep trying!" That's just good advice for life, and it's all we really can do :) I also really like that everything was kept simple. I think that sometimes I tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. When it talked in the book about talking about Jesus, in my head it needs to be this grand thing, big event type thing, but really all that needs to be said is just like in the book. Keep it simple and love people. I like that.

Rorie's Review:

This is a cute book that helps children learn what they need to do to prepare to be a missionary. I like how the author gives the reader many different ideas for how to live life now in order to be prepared for missionary life. I also like how the story doesn't just focus on the good things that happen during a mission, but also on the trials that can (and do) happen there too, such as getting along with difficult companions or how to deal with constant rejection.

While I read this book to my younger two kids, I think it is geared more to older kids, but this will be a good addition to our library for all of my kids to read over and over again.
Title: When I'm a Missionary
Author: Merrilee Boyack
Illustrator: Brian Call
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Published: October 2015
ISBN: 978-1-62972-100-2
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for a review.