Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Misty Moncur on Wattpad

Misty Moncur (author of Daughter of Helaman, Whitney Award finalist for best historical novel) has been busy over at Wattpad. Not only has she posted Stripling Warrior, the sequel to Daughter of Helaman, but you can now read books #3 (Daughter of the Lamanite King) and #4 (Spy of Cumeni) in their entirety, AND she has starting posting book #5.

I thoroughly enjoyed Daughter of the Lamanite King. It finishes off Keturah's story (she is still mentioned in the following book, but is no longer the focus).

Keturah makes some big decisions about what to do with her life. I was somewhat surprised with some of her decisions, but they moved the story along very well, and I was happy with how her story turned out.

Moncur created some wonderful characters, and is great at grabbing the reader's attention with action and romance.

I also really enjoyed Spy of Cumeni. Here's the blurb:

"Kenai was the best spy in Helaman's army, but he came home broken. Isabel wants to know why. It doesn't take a spy to see his battle wounds are on the inside. He's silent and insolent, he shuns everyone, and he won't eat. So Isabel does a little reconnaissance of her own, and what she finds in the warrior's wounded heart might just help her find what's hidden deep inside her own."

Isabel is full of spunk and was fun to get to know. It was also great to learn more about Kenai. The action and romance was once again very well done.

I haven't had any concern about the content in Misty's books. The violence and romance are both tastefully done. Something I just noticed on Wattpad is that the books have ratings listed. How nice is that? The books in this series have been tagged with a PG rating.

Misty told me that there are eight books in this series. She does plan for them to be published, but is enjoying the creative freedom she has on Wattpad. I highly recommend this series! Head on over to Wattpad and take a look.