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Caller ID Blog Tour: Interview with Rachelle J. Christensen

The blog tour for suspense novel Caller ID is in full swing! I was able to read and review an advanced copy of Caller ID back in December, and today I am very happy to share an interview with author Rachelle J. Christensen.

*Who is your favorite character in Caller ID and why?  

Courtney. She’s strong, yet vulnerable. She has weaknesses and it was fun to watch her grow throughout the process of writing the book.

*What was the process being published by Cedar Fort (or its imprints) for your 2 novels and 1 non-fiction book? 

 I’m going to cheat here and give you a link to a timeline I blogged about. It’s a good insight into the process.

*Are you currently working on any other novels? 

You bet! I have two more written and I’m fine-tuning, as well as brain-storming two more.

*What is the best and worst part of becoming a published author? 

Hmm. Best part? Holding my book in my hands and hearing from readers who loved it. Worst? Deadlines and pressure to succeed since I’m pretty hard on myself already.

*Do you have any dreams as far as your career as an author goes?  

I want to keep writing books I love that readers love to read.

*Why do you write?  

I don’t have a choice. The words pound through my head, make my fingers tingle, invade my dreams, until I write them down—it’s a good feeling.

*Being a stay-at-home mother of four must keep you very busy. When do you find time to read and write?  

I’ve learned the magic of a minute. Seriously, I work in snatches and I read in snatches and I read pretty fast. My husband says I’m always busy and I don’t know how to relax. But that’s just because I have to be crocheting or sewing if I watch a movie with him. It is a priority for me too, and that makes all the difference. It’s important for me to find time to read and write because I love it.

*What is your favorite book?  

This is the hardest question for me! It shouldn’t be so hard, but I tend to love whatever book I’m reading at the moment.

*Do you enjoy seeing books you like made into movies? What is the best and worst movie adaptation you've seen?  

I do, as long as I go into it thinking, “I know the book will be better, and that’s okay.” One of the best movie adaptations I’ve seen lately is “The Help” although they changed a few things that had me scratching my head. One of the best/worst was “Twilight.” I loved how the actors were speaking lines right out of the book, but I hated how ugly Edward turned out. Sorry, don’t throw tomatoes—they got Jacob right!

*Your website says you are a farm girl from Idaho. Did you help with the famous potatoes Idaho is known for, or was your farming the animal variety?

Potatoes! Moving pipe, picking potatoes on a conveyor belt while riding the harvester, and then inside the cellar. Man, I used to close my eyes and see potatoes.

Special thanks to Rachelle for taking the time to answer my questions! You can follow Rachelle on her blog and on Facebook.

To celebrate the release of CALLER ID, Rachelle is hosting a contest for a new Ultra Flip Video Camcorder (4GB memory, Records 120 minutes Value $149.99) and other great prizes. You can enter to win between now and April 14, 2012. Winners will be announced and notified April 16, 2012.

For how to enter, click here.

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